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New single for C-ute Announced!

A new single for C-ute!

The single is currently untitled and there has yet to be more info released, so I’ll update this post once more information is available.

The single will release November 19th.

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Morning Musume New Single Covers and Tracklist Released!

Finally, we’re making progress with this release!!

Here and the covers and tracklists:

Regular A


Regular B


*CD Tracklist same for all editions.

2. Shabadabadoo~
3. Mikaeri Bijin
4. TIKI BUN (Instrumental)
5. Shabadabadoo~ (Instrumental)
6. Mikaeri Bijin (Instrumental)

Limited A



1. TIKI BUN (Music Video)

Limited B



1. Shabadabadoo~ (Music Video)

Limited C



1. Mikaeri Bijin (Music Video)

Limited D



1. TIKI BUN (Dance Shot Ver.)
2. TIKI BUN Making Video


The covers are quite nice! I really love Regular A and B, and Limited C. I really like Limited D, too, but I think Sayumi’s second cover with Limited B isn’t a nice (although nice reference to Shabondama with the soap bubbles!) and Limited A is just a bit of a mess of colour in my opinion.

Great covers for what is seeming to shape up as a great single!

The single releases October 15th.

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Juice=Juice Covers and Tracklists for New Single Released

Usually we see the covers a few weeks or so before the MVs, Juice=Juice are doing things a little differently this time.

Here are the covers:

Regular A


*CD tracklist is the same for Limited A and C editions.

1. Senobi
2. Date ja Nai yo Uchi no Jinsei wa
3. Senobi (Instrumental)
4. Date ja Nai yo Uchi no Jinsei wa (Instrumental)

Regular B


* CD tracklist is the same for Limited B and D editions.

1. Date ja Nai yo Uchi no Jinsei wa
2. Senobi
3. Date ja Nai yo Uchi no Jinsei wa (Instrumental)
4. Senobi (Instrumental)

Limited A



1. Senobi (Music Video)

Limited B:



1. Date ja Nai yo Uchi no Jinsei wa (Music Video)

Limited C



1. Senobi (Dance Shot ver.)
2. Senobi (Jacket & MV Making, Off-shot)

Limited D



1. Date ja Nai yo Uchi no Jinsei wa (Dance Shot ver.)
2. Date ja Nai yo Uchi no Jinsei wa (Jacket & MV Making, Off-shot)

The covers for Juice=Juice this time are okay. They aren’t the best covers we’ve seen from H!P this year, but they could be worse. I really like Limited A and B editions! Regular A, Limited C and Limited D are alright, but although it isn’t the worst I’ve seen, I don’t like Regular B so much. It’s probably the worse cover out of the bunch.

The single releases October 1st.

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Berryz New Single Announced

I’ve known about this for at least two weeks but I wanted to wait for a title before I made a post. 🙂

Berryz’s upcoming single will continue the trend of double a-sides. The single is titled Towa no Uta / Romance wo Katatte.

Other than the title and release date, there isn’t much news, so this post will be updated accordingly when new information is revealed!

The release date is November 12th.

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Juice=Juice New Single MVs Released

The MVs for J=J’s upcoming double a-side single, Senobi/Date Janai yo Uchi no Jinsei wa, have been released in full on their official YouTube channel.

I’ll start with my thoughts on Senobi.

Well, this song is a bit of a surprise from J=J for me. They’ve done a lot of different styles since their debut with each single, but this is the first song to have a disco feel to it, mixed with a little EDM (which is also a first for the group). The opening’s build up is great, the instrumental is fun and dance-y. It reminds me of an older H!P sound mixed with new H!P in a way. The verses are catchy, the melody flows well. The lyrics aren’t Tsunku’s best, in my opinion, but the girls sing them well. The whoa whoa whoa’s are a little overdone I think, but after a couple of listens they grew on me quite a bit. The EDM doesn’t really kick in until the instrumental break, and remains pretty soft for the majority of the song. I don’t think it ruins the song as some do, but I do feel the song would have been fine without it. This song is great, but I’m having a bit of a hard time with the fact that it’s a Juice=Juice song. I think this song could have easily been a C-ute song, a Berryz song, a S/mileage song or even a Momusu album track. Juice=Juice seem to be all over the place with their sound, and I don’t know how good of a thing that is. Then again, I also loved and deeply miss the jazzy sound they had, so it could be a little bias mixed in with my opinions.

So the song isn’t an amazing release for me, but the music video is a lovely one! This video is the usual H!P formula, done in a very eye-catching way that makes it visually stunning! The video starts out with a muted, blue-filtered look to it, which looks really cool. Once the first chorus kicks in and the music picks up, it brightens up and that muted filter is removed. Juice=Juice’s bright blue outfits, the white floor/stage/room set up, and blue tubes in the background in the wall, all remind me of old 2000’s music videos for some reason. The muted coloured shots appear here and there throughout the video, but I think I wouldn’t mind if the whole video was done that way. It looked really cool and fit the song well. J=J’s dance choreography looks great here. I really like it when they’re walking close together at the same time during the verses, it’s not a formation I’ve seen an H!P group do before. It’s nice to see something different now and again. I also love the different angles used in the dance shots, also a nice change. The girls all look lovely in the close-up shots, but because this video is pretty basic, I don’t have much else to say on it. It reminds me of something Perfume would do video-wise.

Overall, the song is alright, the video is great, the dance looks great too and the girls look and sound awesome! I’ll have to give this an overall rating of 3/5 for me right now, simply because the song isn’t as impressive as past songs have been for me. I’m sure in time it will grow on me as a song, as did C-ute’s Love Take it All.

Onto Date Janai yo Uchi no Jinsei wa.

Finally, Juice=Juice has returned to their classic jazzy sound that I have missed! I think when they do this type of sound, that’s when they’re at their best. It suits them more than anything they’ve tried this year. The instrumental part reminds me a lot of C-ute’s Tokai no Hitogurashi, but it has it’s own sound enough that the similarities are small. The verses kick in and I find it immediately catchy! Starting off with Akari, I was a little disappointed to see each sentence/line is split, so her singing is quite short as Karin jumps in and sings the rest of the line (most of it). I think the line splitting it a little awkward in a few spots, but I’m super delighted to see Akari and Yuka get a few more lines in this song. The chorus is also catchy, and Sayubee for once holds her notes a little better and doesn’t sound like she’s shouting them.

The music video is another impressive one from H!P, straying away from the usual H!P formula in small ways. For starters, the set, if they’re in one, doesn’t look so much like a set, so that’s an instant plus. I love the instruments places around them in the space they’re dancing in, it’s a nice touch. The music video over all gives a very warm feeling, with the colours and the set design. J=J are back in casual clothes once again, which I also think suits them best. For some odd reason, Sayubee has a different outfit between the dance shot and the close ups, which reminds me of C-ute’s Tokaikkou Junjou where Airi had a different outfit between the music video and the covers. I also liked the black and white shots, and how varied the music video is with different close up/singing shots and dance shot angles (loving the aerial view of the dance!). This is just a great music video in general, even if it’s a little more simple than the outside-the-box music videos H!P has been releasing this year and last.

Overall, wonderful song, great video, the dance looks good and the girls look and sound amazing in this song and video as well! This gets 4/5 for me.

We got music videos quite early for this release, usually covers are released before the music video previews, and the actual release date is still 3-4 weeks away (when these videos were released). Normally the music videos are released 1-2 weeks before, so they’re speeding it up. Probably, so they can spend most of this month and next promoting MM’s single. My guess, anyways.

The release date is October 1st.

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Details Released on Lovendor’s Second Mini Album

Finally, some news about Lovendor’s upcoming mini album!

The mini album will have a CD and a DVD. The DVD includes 2 new MVs, and 3 live performances that were recorded at their most recent tour’s final at ShibuyaWWW on July 24th. The CD will contain five original songs.


1. Ikujinashi
3. Kono Yo ni Shinjitsu no Ai ga Hitotsu dake Aru Nara
4. Stonez!!
5. Shounen

1. Ikujinashi(MV)
2. Shounen(MV)
3. Stonez!!(Live@WWW)
4. Ai no Gishiki(Live@WWW)
5. Dakedo Mou Ichido Soredemo Mou Ichido(Live@WWW)

I’m excited for this mini album, since their last one was a decent release. I’ll update once covers and other information is released in the coming months!

The mini album will be released November 5th.

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Juice=Juice New Single Announced!

That was super quick!

A new single for Juice=Juice has been announced! The single is another double a-side, titled Senobi/Date Janai yo Uchi no Jinsei wa.

The second song has been performed in their concert tour (which has been extended until November!) since June, and was originally just an extra song to perform to make the set list have more original material. Now it’s being released as a single alongside a new(er) song. Date Janai is a more upbeat cuter song with a very Juice=Juice feel to it and reminds some of older H!P songs, so with Juice=Juice’s single history, I think it might be safe to assume that Senobi will be the cooler, more powerful song of the two.

I’m happy to see Juice=Juice are pushing out singles so quickly! Hopefully we’ll see an album out at some point later this year, or at the latest, early next year.

Other than the title and release date there isn’t much information currently, but I will update this post once there’s a little bit more information on the release.

The single releases October 1st.

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360th Post!

I’ve reached my 360th post, so I thought I’d make this the time for a small “Site Updates” post, since it’s been a very long time since I’ve made one, or even a non-news type of post, for that matter.

I’d like to take a moment to apologize from my lack of posting. During the spring and early summer months I was rushing to finish assignments and school work and had to juggle a lot. Since I graduated high school in late June, I’ve been super busy with babysitting my six year old little sister during the week, which wasn’t something I had planned at all. For the first week, I was the only one watching her for ten hours a day, and my sister is quite the brat and therefore a total handful. For the second and third week of watching her, one of my brothers was forced to help me, because at the end of the day I was so exhausted I was just going straight to bed once my parents got home around 5:30, and sometimes wouldn’t come up for dinner because I was too tired. So, now with me having the morning shift, from8:30am until 12:45pm, I have a little time to myself to dedicate towards doing things I had planned to do this summer.

Well, with all of that said (I feel like that’s the most personal I’ve gotten on this blog), I haven’t had time to do much with this blog aside from quick news posts, and the usual mini-music video reviews every few months. I had a lot of plans for it this summer – I wanted to revamp the entire thing, since in the past four years this blog has never changed in terms of layout/theme. I planned to do a major update of all the discographies and the profiles, which I had started doing in the spring. However, none of that ended up happening, and I became too busy to focus on it. Now, with a few days little sister free, I hope to dedicate more time to this blog, although I can’t really promise anything because as we all know, sometimes life throws us things we just hadn’t expected.

However, I do plan on, gradually in bits and pieces, updating this website’s information and look, and to start posting more opinion pieces and the like, like I used to. I have a whole list of topics I’d like to write about, and I know a lot of you enjoyed those posts, so I’ve always wanted to get back to writing them but never have had the time. On top of that, I’ve been thinking about taking this blog back to its H!P-only roots. I still enjoy other groups, but I don’t post about JUMP so much and even though I have reviews of things outside H!P, the website has mostly stayed strictly H!P, and it just seems odd to me now. So, I was thinking about creating a secondary blog, where it’ll be run similarly – with reviews, news, opinion articles and fun posts, etc. – but will be a non-H!P J-pop blog. Well, that’s been what I’ve been considering. Now that I’m not burdened by school as much anymore and will be taking a year off, and once my sister is in school again starting in September, I’ll have much more time to run my many blogs.

So, these are my thoughts and ideas. Everyone is free to chime in, too! If I make another blog, would you be interested in reading/keeping up with it? And in terms of this blog, what would you like to see me do with it? What posts would you like me to make – what topics, etc. would you like me to write about? I’m interesting in everyone’s thoughts, because you guys have continued to keep up with my blog for a few years now, and so I’d like to make your visits here as enjoyable as possible! Plus, I don’t get many comments, so I think my fun posts and opinion articles would generate some comments and discussions.

Let me know in the comments below!

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Momusu New Single Details and Offical Date for Michishige Graduation

Finally we have news!

The single is a triple a-side release! the single is titled ‘TIKI BUN / Shabadabadoo~ / Mikaeri Bijin‘, and will be released not on September 17th, but on October 15th.

The single will be available in 6 Editions. Michishige described ‘TIKI BUN’ as a cool song. ‘Shabadabadoo~’ is her solo graduation song, ‘Mikaeri Bijin’, which will include everyone except her.

The graduation date was also announced! Michishige will be graduating at Yokohama Arena on November 26th. A special website will open on the 17th of this month featuring photographs, single information and a countdown until Michishige graduates.

I thought she’d get a little longer within the group – like until December, which has been the usual with end of the year graduations. I’m sad that we won’t have that little bit left with her, but at least that gives the girls some time with the upcoming 12th gen to sort things out and get used to things before releasing a new single in the new year. But, this does have me questioning an album – will we be getting one in November, then?

The release date is October 15th.

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S/mileage New MVs Released!

Both MVs for S/mileage’s next double a-side have been released on their official channel.

I’ll start with Aa, Susukino.

The song itself is good. I wasn’t quite feeling it when I first heard it – it didn’t give me that “Wow, this is amazing!” feeling, where a song instantly grabs you and makes you want to listen to it again. Recently, H!P’s releases haven’t grabbed me right away (C-ute’s Love Take it All, The Power, Berryz’ Diet or Morning Musume’s Password is Zero, to name a few), but recently S/mileage’s past few songs have really got me good, aside from Mystery Night, which I still don’t care for. This song, too, falls into the category of “Meh” on the first listen. After a few more, I’ve come to quite like it. I don’t care for the dialog within the song, although I tend to never like dialog all that much to begin with. The verses are nice and the chorus is catchy enough that I’ll probably listen to it often enough, and maybe eventually go from really liking it to loving it.

As for the music video, it’s simple but special in that it’s shot in an airport! An actual airport, not a set. It’s been closed down, or at least the section they’re filming in has been, of course. But still, it’s nice to see H!P doing more story-driven/outside the studio music videos – first C-ute, then Juice=Juice and now S/mileage, it’s definitely a great change. Having done shooting on a cloudy day, it keeps the colours rather dim and muted, but that works with the atmosphere, I suppose. I got a little bored with it about half way through, because it’s all the same stuff, as usual – close ups of the girl’s singing, dance shot, shots of them looking out longingly… I mean, going to an actual airport and all that is fantastic and the video as a whole is well put together and the shots are lovely, but the whole video is all the same thing, so although I could watch it all the way to the end just fine… I don’t know how to put it. It’s just kinda boring in a way. I liked it, I enjoyed it, but I wouldn’t say it’s one of the best music video’s from H!P this year. But, on the plus side, the dance looks good and so do the girl’s outfits, so those get good points from me.

Overall, the song is great, the girls look and sound great, and dance seems good and the video is good too! This gets 3.5/5 for me.

On to Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hakugumu.

This song was also in the category of “meh” to me. The line “Chikyuu wa Kyou mo Ai wo Hakugumu” is sang to a similar melody as Morning Musume’s Kimi no Kawari wa Iyashinai, and the way it’s repeated only furthered the feeling of having heard this before, and the song seemed recycled to me at that point. However, as the song moved on, it lost that feeling pretty quickly. I love the saxophone, and the rest of the arraignment is one of the big pluses in this song. The melody of the verses is alright and sorta catchy. The lower notes Ayaka takes on really suits her voice and she does them really well. Even though there’s not too much of a big lead into the chorus and the song stays relatively at the same level the whole way through, it’s not a bad thing with this song because it suits it, and the chorus is probably the most catchiest part of the song that will stay stuck in people’s heads. I liked it!

Because so much of the budget went to renting out the airport for Aa, Susukino, we are back to the studio sets. This isn’t too bad here because they made it work. The usual dance shot and close ups were used, and I kinda liked that they split the group into two for group singing shots, because it’s a nice change to split it up. I also loved the sparkling background with Ayacho and Kanon’s silhouettes! As for the outfits, simple is best, and I really love the deep red they chose because it really fits the song well. All the girls look great! Ayacho’s forehead makes an appearance, and she looks amazing! I wish Meimei would start putting her hair like that again, it suits her more than bangs do. The dance also looks well done, it’s nice to see S/mileage have dances that don’t have any weird or awkward dance moves in them.

Overall, I liked the music video, the girls look and sound great (Ayacho rocked this one, and she’s awesome live!), and the song is great! I give this half a 4/5.

This single is a pretty good one, but I really wouldn’t say it’s their best. Both songs are great, but neither have that “amazing” factor to them for me, although there’s always the chance they may grow on me to that point.

The single releases August 20th.

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