Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | May 7, 2011

C-ute’s Momoiro Sparkling full MV release

C-ute’s MV for their newest 16th single titled Momoiro Sparkling has been released on their Facebook and Youtube pages.

This single is definitely different from their last single, Kiss me ~Aishiteru~, which had a very sexy, mature theme and sound, while this new single has a more fresh, fun vibe to it.

The music videos is unique in that it doesn’t have just the dance/close up thing we usually see. When the video starts, the members are seen dancing on a platform with white boxes/cubes stacked up behind them with a blue and white titled floor. Then we see each girl come out from large pink doors and pose for the camera. It goes back to the dance, and you see bubbles floating around everywhere for a few seconds, which it does this with each transition to the dance scenes, as well as the close ups and various other shots throughout the music video. The first close up version you see has a peachy-pink background and white fluffy clouds behind the girls as they sing (the second type being the usual plain background, in hot pink). Then girls are seen with their backs facing the camera posing in the next section, which then after a short dance clip you see each girl squirt water from a water gun at the camera, before doing a cute pose. They also wink to the camera not too long after their water gun shot, or right after for Chisa, Nakky, Airi, and Mai. There are also scenes where each girl jumps, similar to the plain close up version and then not long after they are in the air doing all kinds of poses really quickly one after the other, which in my opinion looks sort of odd. They are then seen standing in front of one of those pink doors (which they are also in front of in the jumping scenes) with plastic colourful balls being dropped down on them. The girls bring out a surf board, beach chairs, and a beach ball and toss it around on the same platform they dance on, before packing up and leaving. Finally, just like with the beginning, the video ends with the girls dancing.

Overall, the video is great. It’s different and fun, and definitely has that “summer” feel to it with the beach set up that they do.
Also, the line distribution has gotten much better. If I’ve counted right, here are the number of solo lines each member gets:

Maimi – 6
Airi – 4
Chisato -9
Mai – 5
Nakky – 4

I was a bit surprised to see that Chisato has the most lines by quite a lot, and to see that for once Airi was TIED with NAKKY for amount of solo lines, which is definitely a first. Although, I wasn’t surprised to see that Nakky was one of the two members with the least lines. But, if you are a dedicated Nakky fan you can add her little “Yay!” at the end of the first corse to tie her with Mai and have Airi have the least lines. Maimi also had a “Yay!” at the end so that would give her 7 if you count those.

Overall, great song, great music video, great girls, and a great achivement for our wonderful (and my favorite member) Chisato for having the most lines for once in all of C-ute’s history! She should get some kind of award. Seriously.

For those who wish to purchase this super-awesome-Chisato-filled song, it will be on iTunes on the 25th of this month. Enjoy the video!


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