Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | May 8, 2011

Morning Musume 10th generation auditions announced

Morning Musume is having a 10th generation audition titled Morning Musume 10ki Member ~Genki Jirushi~.

I’m actually pretty shocked by this news, considering it has only been a few months (since January, I think) that the 9th generation auditions ended, so it’s really early and soon for a new generation to be added.

The official audition website which has info and such of the requirements to enter the audition ask for girls who ‘have positive personalities and confidence, to boost Japan’s mood.’ Just like with the 9th generation, they are looking for girls between the ages of 10-17.

The auditions will start before the summer concert tour, but the members chosen won’t be official members until after Ai-chan’s graduation.

Some fans are hoping for a new generation to be added every year like with the old Momusu days, so that the group will get bigger and bigger. Just like with the “Golden age” (generations 1-4) members, eventually every current member besides the 9th gen would have graduated by then, but then again, that’s going to happen eventually anyways. It almost seems as if Tsunku is trying to get a “younger” Momusu, since almost every member besides the 9th gen and maybe Aika-chan (she’s… 18, right?) is over the age of 20, so it seems he’s trying to lower the average age to under 17 so he can make Momusu more “Fresh”. Although, that might be more difficult since a lot of Momusu’s songs played in concert are their more “mature” songs, which might look odd with a group with half 12-year-olds singing and dancing to, considering at that age they can’t exactly hold the “sexy” theme some of their songs like “Kanashimi Twilight”, “Egao Yes Nude”, “Pepper Keibu”, “Kimaguru Princess”, and so on have. I guess we’ll just have to see. And besides, a lot of those songs just aren’t the same if the original members singing the song aren’t there.

The application deadline is June 13th. Hopefully we will see some new information or audition footage sometime soon.


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