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C-ute’s new single, Sekai Ichi HAPPY na Onna no ko, MV released!!

Well, I wasn’t planning on posting about ANYTHING until this blog is up and ready, completely finished. But for those who are “reading back” old posts, if you are, at this point the Profile page is complete, and only the linked pictures are up in the discography and reviews sections, for every group. So, that’s where I am as I write this. However, as soon as I saw that C-ute’s video was up and watched it, I knew I had to post about it!!

So, I’ll start off with this: I like it! To be honest, I haven’t heard the song until today. Lately, I’ve been waiting until the video to hear it so I can take it in all at once (I started doing that with Momusu’s “Only You” and have done it with “Ai no Dangan”, “Aa, Yo ga Akeru”, Momusu’s new song which I’m too lazy to type, S/mileage’s Uchoten Love, and now with this song). That way, I don’t over-listen to the song before the video’s been released. That’s what I did with Ai no Dangan. Anyways, so on with the review!

My first thought when I saw it was “colourful!”. I have seen the covers, so I thought, like the covers, it would have clean sort of look with a lot of white. And maybe for them to be getting wet it the video, since their hair seems wet in the limited covers where they are closer up… maybe it’s just me? Anyways, I was pleased with the colourful and cute theme the video has.

I won’t do a step-by-step on everything like I did with Momoiro Sparkling’s music video, I’ll just run though and give my thoughts. The video has quite a few scenes – The dance shot, close up, the girls in their box “rooms” near and far shots as well as other types, them lying on the ground looking at the camera singing, them lining up and pushing what seems to be rectangular-shaped blocks (kind of?) with each members colour and cute patterns on some of them like they’re dominos (and later on you seen the books form the letters “H-A-P-P-Y”), and then different shots of them “posing” on the ground, and then with the word “Happy” formed with the fallen-books near the end.

The video does have a lot of white, but the girl’s colourful dresses and their “rooms”, the books and the word “Happy” bring the video a very colourful and well… HAPPY feeling! I loved their dresses – they’re so… flowy? And cute! Their cute little accessories, like Chisato’s funny hat, Mai’s large bow, Maimi’s cool hat (I love those hats, I want one!), Airi’s fluffy bow-like thing, and Nacky’s large puffy cute thing makes them different, since besides the colour all their dresses are the same style and design. I also really love the strings of colour in their hair!

The song itself is nice, I think it’s cute and fun. They seem to be having a “cute-streek”, since they had quite a few of mature sounding songs up until their more sexy “Kiss Me ~Aishiteru~”, which seemed to stop it there. I like this C-ute, actually, with the fun vibe they bring. 😀 They suit this kind of style very much. I definitely like it more than Momoiro Sparkling, which I liked, but wasn’t a big one for me.

The dance, however… I wasn’t too fond of Momoiro Sparkling’s dance either, and C-ute usually never disappoints me. Not that they did or have, but C-ute is known for their awesome dances. This single’s dance, from what I can see so far, is a fun, silly dance, but nothing I’d want to learn or dance to myself, as that’s not the type of dances I like. I prefer their “bam-wow-non-stop-cool-dance-moves-boom-in-your-face” type of dances with really cool moves and non-stop dancing during the bridge of the song (Forever Love, Tokaikko Junjou, Namida no Iro, Midnight Temptation, just to name a few examples). I laughed out loud when they did the Charlie Brown, I was totally expecting it for some reason, but still. xD

So, that was my short and quick review! It still seems long, but I know that I shouldn’t go into extreme details and explain every single thing I see since you’re just gunna watch the video anyways, probably before you read this. And if not, stop reading and come back. Well, at least for future video reviews, since this with be a while back by the time my blog is finished!

I think it’s one of their best music videos this year! I simple, but you find youself (or at least I do) not being able to look away. It’s a nice change for them.

AND, they seem to have more EQUAL lines! I’ll do a line count and post it as an edit later, but I know for a fact that Nacky and Mai got more lines (actual lines, not just short sentences this time) than the past few singles, which is awesome for them (although they aren’t the best singers in my opinion).

So, overall impression: Cute, fun, colourful, simple, wonderful. The girls look great, the music video is great, and I want Maimi’s hat. Really bad. 😀


Here’s the line count:

Airi: 7
Maimi: 7
Chisato: 5
Mai: 6
Nacky: 5


Well, I had to do this 3 times to get the final answer. The first time I was using my iPod notes to keep count, until it died half-way through. So, I used a piece of paper ans started over. At first, I got Airi: 6, Maimi: 6, Chisato: 3, Mai: 6, and Nacky: 5. I knew it was wrong because of Chisa having only 3, so I re-did it. I made the mistake because of the chores, where one member has a really fast quick line before the next member sings directly after, and I didn’t catch Chisa’s or Maimi’s. Mai and Nacky I had right, though.

I’m not surprised about Maimi and Airi. Mai having more lines than Chisa, even just one, did surprise me a bit. But Mai and Nacky, being in the back for so long, deserve a bunch of lines in songs every now and then (like in Aitai Lonely Christmas). Same with Chisa, since she’s be overlooked for so many years and has an incredible voice! Although she has become more popular recently this year, which she also deserves.

Anyways, so there you have it folks! This mights be an old post by the time my blog is up and running, ready for visitors (I know I keep saying that, don’t I? Sorry. =.=), but please feel free to comment if you wish. 😀


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