Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | March 16, 2012

C-ute’s new MV released!

Looking at the current date of this post (depending on when you read this, it could be long after I have posted this) you can see that since C-ute’s new MV came out on their YouTube channel on the 12th and now it is the 16th of March, making this post a little… late.

But I’ll post it anyways! Why? Because I’m bored, and at the moment I’m out of ideas to write about despite the fact that my blog just opened and I’ve worked on it for almost a year. Now, if you don’t mind, I’ll get started!

Since everyone’s already seen it (and if you haven’t it’s posted at the bottom of this page) I’m just going to give my review and my thoughts.

Now, the beginning starts off with a girl and a boy walking holding hands with the title of the song and C-ute’s name appearing on the screen before the music starts, which switches to the dance shot. A lot of people have complained about the dance being filmed in a white background in the studio and not outdoors, but I think it would look stupid outdoors. Who dances outdoors? Besides cover groups, it would look cheesy, especially because of their outfits. I think the white background that seems t have no end and no beginning (meaning, you can’t see where the floor ends and the wall behind them begins) almost gives it a pretty ‘in a dream’ type of feeling, at least to me.

As everyone now knows, that girl I was talking about in the beginning? It’s Airi! As a big Airi fan, I think she pulled off the whole storyline really really well. I think had all the girls been shown it wouldn’t have looked as nice (might I add, they would have all been with the same guy most likely. Paying more than one actor would be a pain for the company. In case you didn’t notice, UFA/H!P MVs tend to be on the cheeper side of things and it’s rare they spend A LOT on a MV).

Now, the dance is kinda odd in some parts (such as when Navky bends down and pretends to be picking up something around 1:10) but other than that it looks alright. The Close-up versions are really pretty, and with that soft look put over them it adds to that dream-y feeling I spoke of eariler.

Song-wise, I’m not usually a big fan of slow songs and I thought I’d get bored by the MV, but that wasn’t the case and the song has grown on me quite a bit.

Also, although I’ve already talked about this, I hoe everyone realizes the rare fact theres A BOY in this MV. Never before in ANY H!P video before has their been a boy, and until this year with Mano (who I don’t listen to) also having a boy in her recent MV it shows that UFA/H!P are being a bit more reasonable with things like this, but with there being no kissing (the song doesn’t mention it anyways, but still) you can see they’re still playing it safe. Berryz recent MV as well as Momusu’s upcoming MV don’t have boys in them, but I think having boys in the MVs will be pretty rare and this happened to be a special case.

For those complaining about Airi’s domaince in the MV, do not fear! Each girl will recive their own version of the CD and their own version of the song as well as the MV (with the same boy, I assume). As Maimi announced on her blog, the MVs for each individual girl will start being uploaded onto C-ute’s YouTube channel from April 1st.

I’m not sure if the MVs will include that particular girl’s version of the song of not, but as soon as I find out I’ll update this post. If not, I guess well just have to wait and see!

Here’s C-ute’s MV:


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