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The Future of Morning Musume – Where is it headed?

This blog was created not just to spread news about H!P groups and members but also to give out my opinion or thoughts/feelings about a topic (usually H!P related). This post is one of those posts.

With Ai-chan having graduated in September and the 9th and 10th generations being added only 9 months apart, 2011 was a big year for Momusu. Having started listening to Buono! in May-June 2009, I didn’t listen to Momusu until around October (after Buono! came Berryz, C-ute, then Aa! and ZYX, then W and S/mileage, and finally I got into Momusu. I didn’t want to originally since Momusu had such a long history but within a few months I had it down and now I’m a huge fan!). Anyways, I had never experienced a graduation or audition, excluding Koharu who graduated December 2009 as I hadn’t FULLY had Momusu down, although I was close to pretty much fully memorizing faces, names and the history of the group, I wasn’t really focusing on her graduation… if this makes sense.

Anyways, when Kamei, Jun Jun and Lin Lin announced their graduations I was heart-broken as I had really liked them. There isn’t a Momusu that I DON’T like and so picking favourites is difficult for me. Now, choosing a favourite from each generation is easy, and Kamei was my 6th generation fav and Jun/Lin were my 8th gen favourites. So knowing they were leaving made me feel really sad, and since the 9th generation audtions had been announced I wasn’t sure how to feel towards it all. I didn’t even follow the auditions and only saw bits and pieces of it and didn’t even know any of the girls names until they were announced and I tried to memorize them, which was the same as the 10th gen (although with that I didn’t watch it at all).

Now, when Ai-chan’s graduation was announced I wasn’t surprised and understood she wanted to move forward with her career. And I knew Momusu would be fine without her. Now with Gaki’s graduation having been announced on January 2nd, I feel the same way towards her decision as well. Both Gaki and Ai-chan are my 5th generation favourites, but I understand it’s time for them to move forward with their lives and their careers. If Gaki had graduated alongside Ai-chan like she had originally planned and hadn’t backed out it would have been harder on me, but not the end of the world.

But what happens after Gaki graduates?

Morning Musume will have only 3 “senpai” members left, with Sayumi being the leader and Reina the sub-leader. However, Sayumi has said she’d like to try being leader for a bit before graduating as well, and I’m sure Reina and someday Aika will follow as well. Then what? The line-up will consist of Mizuki, Erina, Riho, Zukki, Haruna, Masaki, Ayumi, Haruka and possibly the 11th/12th generation members. Basically, full of girls who have only been in the group for a few years and mostly newbies.

And most fans don’t like this. You have no idea how many times I’ve read “After Reina/Sayu/Aika leaves there won’t be anything left for me.” or “After (insert names here) leaves, I’m going to give up on Momusu.” What kind of “Fan” does that? Not to judge people – if you’re leaving, you’re leaving – but I don’t think it’s fair to call yourself a “Morning Musume fan” because you’re not, you’re a “Sayu/Aika/Reina” fan and that’s it. Morning Musume is a GROUP of girls, and Reina/Sayu/Aika don’t make up that group on their own. Morning Musume has been through this before, when Yossie graduated. Morning Musume kept going. And they will here too!

I know that I’ll still be a fan even when the senpais have all left. Morning Musume is just leaving another “solid generation” I’ll call it (Gaki, Ai-chan, Kamei, Reina, Sayumi, Lin/Jun, Aika and Koharu for example would be one, as this line-up was solid for a few years) and going into another.

I do agree with some fans, the songs (such as Resonant Blue) won’t be the same when sung by the new “solid generation”. But Morning Musume sings old Momusu songs, like Love Machine, and they do fine even if it isn’t really the same. It shows that Morning Musume, no matter what change they go through, can do anything! And I think it’ll be interesting to see who gets what lines, since Ai-chan and Reina sung Koharu’s lines in Resonant Blue when performed at Ai-chan’s graduation concert (I know, I’m surprised Riho didn’t get her lines instead too). So with Ai-chan and sometime in the future Reina gone, it’ll be cool to see who (besides Riho) gets to shine. Because we all know, getting the lines to be equal is unlikely. Tsunku…. I’m gesturing to Zukki here!!

To those who agree with me and are also sticking to Momusu even after the senpai have gone, good for you! Morning Musume needs more fans like this to keep them going, and I have a feeling that 85% of fans around the world are in the same boat that I am. To those who don’t agree, that’s completely okay and that’s you’re choice.

Now… the answer to this question – “The Future of Morning Musume – Where is it headed?” – is that the future is VERY bright for these girls. If the leadership goes by age (which is does) Haruna would be the new leader (unless someone older is added, although it’s unlikely) unless she hands it down to Mizuki, similar to how Erika handed it down to Maimi in C-ute. But no matter whose leadership the girls are under, they still have Tsunku as well, and I think they’ll do just fine! Let’s just hope there’s no more girls added after that and let this line-up sit for a bit.

I’m very proud to be a fan of such an amazing group. Morning Musume Fighting!

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