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Morning Musume 9th and 10th generation evaluation!

Hi everyone, I’m back again today with another random post about whatever it is I’d like to talk about. As you can see from the title, I will be evaluating the 9th and 10th generation members – basically, what I think of them, who I think they’ll become like, and anything else I feel it is important to note. Just for fun, because I’m bored on a Sunday with nothing to do at the moment.

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed his, but the 10th generation is pretty much the same batch of the 9th generation but with different faces. Two Eggs (Mizuki, Haruka), two dancers (Riho, Ayumi), two models (Erina, Masaki) and two comedy members (Zuuki, Haruna). Just thought I’d point this out before I get started. Heehee. 🙂

9th generation

These girls were the first generation where I could/can say “I’ve seen them grow from the start” and some day when they become senpais and the oldest of the pack, I’ll be able to say it with pride! Although there is no generation that is really my absolute favourite, the 9th generation is pretty damn close to stealing that title, I think. ALL the girls have talent in one way or another and they really brighten up the group.

Fukumura Mizuki

Now, I’m sure everyone knows Mizuki replaced Maeda Yuuka in Shugo Chara! Egg in 2009 when she left to form S/mileage. I never really paid any attention to her then (actually, I never paid any attention the SC!E at all to be honest) and to be honest I don’t think I do now. It’s not because I don’t like her – I do, I really do – it’s just she hasn’t really GRABBED me yet, shown me what she’s really capable of.

Mizuki has a nice voice and she seems to be someone who is relaxed and calm when she needs to be and hyper and fun when she needs to be. When it comes time, I think she’ll be a great leader of Momusu and guide that then line-up to a bright future. I’d like to see her do more and show everyone more of her talents, but other than that, she’s a very nice asset to the group. Nice last-minute choice, Tsunku. Very nice. 🙂

She’ll be like the next: She’s the only 9th generation I’m having trouble with here… I’ll say she’s the next LinLin. Amazing voice, doesn’t get to show it off (YET!). Funny and cute, too.

Ikuta Erina

Eripon is one who when she joined I didn’t think she looked like much. She’s an ok dancer (compared to Riho and Ayumi) and I haven’t heard any vocals from her that make me go “Wow!”. Out of the 9th generation, she’s the least talented. BUT that does not mean she’s talentless. Don’t get me wrong! Her vocals aren’t BAD, and personality-wise, she’s very funny and has that idol bubbly personality that makes you like her, and she’s a very hard worker from what I’ve seen. She seems like she’d be nice on variety TV shows and although she’s graduating from Oha! Star, I hope the time she has left really shows her talents and what she can do.

She’ll be like the next: Sayumi. Why? Because Sayumi is also a good TV personality and an ok dancer but not quite the best singer. Same with Erina, although singing-wise I think she has more potential. Also, I’ll say Kaori Iida with her KY-Ikuta-ness. Kaori was also really… KY-ish. lol

Sayashi Riho

When I first saw a clip of Riho’s audition I knew she’d get in. I didn’t follow the audition much but when I saw that I KNEW FOR SURE she’d get in. Riho is truly an amazing dancer and very talented. Her voice never use to impress me, and in the song Silver no Udedokei from their album 12, Smart, Sayashi’s voice sounded squeaky and didn’t impress me at all. However, during Ai-chan’s graduation concert where they sung that song, she BLEW ME AWAY. Her voice had improved greatly and now has more of a deeper tone and she hit the notes better than I thought she would have when the song started. She’s improved a lot since joining and I have to say, I think she’s great, despite getting all the spotlight in the 9th generation.

She’ll be like the next: Takahashi Ai. She was a good dancer and an amazing singer, and Riho is the same. She’s slightly better dancing-wise and not a good singing-wise, but I think in the future is she ever is, she’ll make a great leader, which she claimed she wanted to be. Also, both Takahashi and Sayashi are the spotlights of their generation and are both popular.

Suzuki Kanon

Zukki!!! She’s my favourite out of the 9th generation. She’s multi-talented and a true idol. Unlike the others, Zukki is very unique-looking – which is a good thing, it’s one of her many charm points! – and has a unique personality to go along with it! What originally attracted me to Zukki would be her hilarious personality – I’m looking at your butterfly impression, Zukki! – and her fun moments on T.V. shows. I didn’t think much of Zukki’s voice, but her dance is okay. But THEN. THEN I saw her during the practice for the Hello! Project Winter concerts on the Mobekimasu channel (mbcmaschannel) when she sang her line for one of the performances and I realized something – she has a Powerhouse voice!! I was surprised and very impressed. I hope Zukki receives lines in the future.

She’ll be like the next: Makoto Ogawa or Niigaki Risa. A mix of both, I think. Both Niigaki and Ogawa are/were funny on T.V shows and have great personalities like Zukki, and all three of them have powerhouse voices (although to be honest, I didn’t hear much of Makoto in any MM single to really know for sure, this is just something I’ve gotten through small one-word lines she’s had in the past). I hope Zukki is more or a Niigaki in the future because if not, she’ll end up in the back her whole MM career just like Makoto did.

10th generation

The 10th generation hasn’t really suck in yet for me. Not in that I haven’t gotten use to them, but they haven’t really shown me anything that makes them stand out. I haven’t seen enough of their personalities to really comment on them just yet, but for the sake of it, I’ll comment on how I feel about each of them currently anyways. Maybe I’ll do a follow-up post at the end of the year and see how my view of each girl changes. Anyways, moving on… lol

Iikubo Haruna

Iikubo, when I first saw her in the training camp footage (Because I watched the training camp episode and I never saw the auditions I don’t know if she got in for her singing or if she was any good) she didn’t impress me. I didn’t think she got in, and when the members were announced to be honest I was surprised to see she got in. According to Tsunku, she stays up until midnight practicing because out of the 10ki members, she’s the most difficult one and the one who is behind. So she’s a hard worker, and I hope it pays off for her and she changes my mind! I haven’t seen her dance skills but from what I remember she was having trouble at the camp and couldn’t keep up. Her singing I haven’t heard enough to judge, but her personality, from pictures I’ve seen on Sayu’s blog seems to be fun and happy. So I think she’ll become a favourite of mine in time if I get to see more of her.

She’ll be like the next: I’m going to just throw Jun Jun out there, because I can’t decide. Jun Jun’s voice wasn’t my favourite to be honest (although I did like it) and although I haven’t really heard Haurnan yet I’m going to go with it. Harunan seems to have a funny personality just like Jun Jun did, although Jun Jun was more gross than Harunan is. lol

Ishida Ayumi

Daaishi is CUTE. My lord! When I saw her dancing skills during the training camp (and a bit of her audition footage when they showed her) I was impressed and knew she would get in. MM needs more members who can REALLY REALLY dance, so Ayumi seemed pretty obvious. I haven’t heard her singing or anything and so I can’t say much about that, but she has a cute personality and seems like an awesome addition to the group. I cant wait to see the dance battle towards her and Riho in Risa’s graduation concert as Tsunku was recently talking about it in his blog and it got me excited. That’s the first thing I thought of when she was announced and I thought “Ah! The dancer! (I hadn’t learnt their names yet) I knew she’d get in. She and Riho HAVE to have a dance battle!” or something along those lines. Anyways, currently, she’s my favourite in the 10th gen.

She’ll be like the next: Kamei Eri? Dance-wise, and because Turtle had a fun personality. I don’t think she matches up really well personality wise as Ayumi, according to Sayu, is really mature and Turtle… wasn’t. LOL But she was sometimes shy and so is Ayumi. And they;re both really pretty, so… Turtle it is! Although no one is better than Turtle. 🙂

Sato Masaki

She reminds me of Eripon – kinda awkward, doesn’t seem like much. Masaki hasn’t shown me enough yet and so I can’t really comment. I haven’t seen her dance or sing (I really should go over the auditions and the training camp, shouldn’t I?) but through pictures and stories on Sayu’s blog I can safely say so far I like her personality! She’s cute and seems like a nice girl. I’d like to see more from her!

She’ll be like the next: Masaki’s a difficult one… I guess I’ll say… ARG. lol I can’t decide just yet. I’d like to say Kago or something, but without the scandles and a bright MM future.

Kudo Haruka

First of all, that hair style does not suit her. Secondly, Haruka is an Egg, and so even though she hasn’t been one long, I think she has more expericence than say Masaki. From what I remember, her dancing skills weren’t bad and she’s a quick learner, so that’s good. Her “husky voice” that she’s constantly bragging about I have yet to be amazed by because I haven’t really heard it (once again… need to go back and watch these videos!). She’s considered the “leader or the 9th generation” just like Tsunku has said Zukki is the leader of the 9th, although for both cases I don’t think that’s true. For the 9th generation, Mizuki. But for the 10th, I’m not sure. maybe she would be, but I haven’t seen it enough to say for sure. Haruka seems moe stuck-up to me in the videos of Hello! Pro Time where the 10th generation was covered in a few episodes and people in the comments seemed to think so as well. I’ll wait to see more of her personality to judge, but I’ve also read she’s quite mature for her age, with Tsunku even commenting “she’s gone from a little girl to a women” in one of his recent blog posts about Renai Hunter which surprised me. She’s 12. Come on, really?

She’ll be like the next: Niigaki Risa. I’ve had trouble with the 10th generation so far, so I’m just picking the person who matches up the best I suppose. Haruka right now doesn’t seem to have the fun energy that Gaki has since she so “mature”, but her “husky voice’ she claims to have matches well with Gaki’s powerhouse voice. Right now Haruka’s the only 9/10th gen besides Zukki that really has that from what I’ve heard from these girls so far, so that’s good. I hope to see her in action soon!


And that’s it! I hope you all enjoyed this random post. Feel free to give your comments on what you think, I’d like to hear other’s point of view as well as who you think they’re more like if you didn’t agree. 🙂


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