Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | March 21, 2012

Morning Musume Renai Hunter screen shots!

Just downloaded the MV and thought it’d be fun to do a few screen shots since I’m bored. lol

Alright. 🙂 I’ll start with the magazine issue shots. I found a few cute things in the MV so I’ll point those out for those who didn’t notice it in the MV, since they go kinda fast.

Firstly, Gaki’s the only one with the star stick thing. lol I thought that was awesome.
Sayashi and Sayu are the only ones who don’t have their home towns/where they were born on their covers. Ayumi, Reina, Masaki and Harunan were the only ones who had their constellations on their cover, but Harunan is the only one without her birthday on her cover. Since they are all in English, I wasn’t surprised to see that “Special” was spelt “Supecial” in “Special Issue” on Riho and Kanon’s covers (they were the only ones to have that). Also, Kanon and Masaki are the only ones with “Belong to the Morning Musume” on theres and Reina Aika and Masaki are the only ones without nicknames on their covers. Eripon is the only one to have her hobbies on her cover.

Other than all of that, they all had their names, their member colours, and the name of the single (although Gaki, Aika, Sayu, Harunan, Ayumi, Masaki, Eripon and Kudo have it that it’s Gaki’s Graduation single, while Mizuki, Riho, Kanon, and Reina just have it that it’s either Out Now or that it’s their 49th single).

Since I’m done analyzing and rambling, please enjoy looking at the following screen shots (I’m tired, it’s late, I have school tomorrow, so there isn’t many besides the magazine shots).

Here’s the other cute/awesome things I screen capped. I’ll go from the beginning to the end of the video”

Reina, Gaki and Eripon looking cool. 🙂

Mittsi/Masaki, Mittsi/Riho, and Gaki/Ayumi love. So cute! 😀

A few cool shots from the dance shot. The dance is quite odd in some parts, but for the most part it’s cool. It’s not like Pyoco Pyoco Ultra where it’s just so… weird… that I wouldn’t even really bother to attempt to learn it. 😛

I love the wink from Gaki at the end. It goes so fast I didn’t really have a good shot and tried like 5 times. I had gotten thing shot before, but thought I could do better and have her completely winking but… too fast. This still looks decent though. 🙂

And of course…

Beautiful Gaki. Best part of this MV!

Well, that’s my screen shots. I hoped everyone liked them. 🙂 I’m going to bed now, since I’ve wasted like… hours on this, since I had to keep stopping for one reason or another. Enjoy. 🙂

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