Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | March 21, 2012

Morning Musume’s Renai Hunter MV released!

As I was coming down one of the stairwells in my school to go home about 20 minutes ago, I went on YouTube to check and see if MM’s new MV was up, which is something I did at noon during Religion before lunch time came around. The wifi in my school, although it works and you get between 2 and 3 bars on your iPod, watching videos is really difficult, so I waited until I got home 5 minutes later in the heat and sat down in my air-conditioned house and watched one of the best music videos I’ve ever seen from MM.

Just like with all the other past/recent singles, I wait until the MV is out to hear the song for the first time. So for a quick moment I’ll talk about that.

The song is really techno-sounding and sort of robotic, which matches the awesome dance (with a few odd moves). Gaki is the center in the song besides Reina and Riho, and I absolutely LOVE this song even though, currently, I’ve only heard it once!

Now, on to the MV.

The music video as four shots: Close up with dangling sparkly things (what’s that word I’m look for?), a shot with the girls in a dark room with lights flashing every now and then with wind blowing and looking cool, the dance shot ver, and a magazine cover shot. When I saw the beginning, I was worried it was just going to be a mix on the dance shot and close up and possible some other shot (the looking cool together shot I mention above being that other possibility) but they mixed them quite well so it wasn’t boring in any way. Then, came the magazine shots, where each member has their name as the magazine title and Morning Musume on it, with things like “Niigaki’s Graduation single Out Now” within on it at the sides like with really magazines. Each member had something slightly different and their magazines were in their image colour. It was a unique touch that pulled the whole thing together and made it stand out from past MM MVs.

Gaki was really center for this music video, which is great to see. I love the end, since when they end with the dance shot you see Gaki wink as she points in the camera’s direction. Thinking it was over and the screen would turn black and end after a few minutes and put me back to the description and video comments (I’m on my iPod watching this, by the way) I thought of hitting “Done” on the top left-hand corner before I realized they had a special ending for Gaki. She has “モーニング娘” written on her cheek and then mouths “Morning Musume desu.” (or possibly “Morning Musume deshta”, but I’m pretty sure she said “desu”) and after a few seconds of a calm, smiling Gaki, the video ends.

I almost cried to be honest. I had to rewind and watch it again as at first I thought it was “daijobu desu” (it’s alright) but they realized I was wrong. But it didn’t make me feel any better. lol Although i do think they could have tried to make Gaki the tumbnail image if possible instead of Reina. T.T

Morning Musume’s single releases April 18th. Buy a copy to support Gaki! Let’s make this single the highest-selling single in a while and a #1 on Oricon!!!

Okay, here is the MV for Renai Hunter!

[EDIT]: 6 hours later after posting this, I realized she said “Morning Musume daisuki”. That makes it even more sad.


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