Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | March 30, 2012

Buono! Come to Canada~! Petition update!!

Okay so… 6 signatures. That’s not enough! We need 1000, and we’re at 6% people!

I’ve seen by blog stats jump and all of the people – or most of them – are coming from sites I’ve posted this on. So how is it that I’ce only got 6 signatures, when over 60 people have visited in the past week? This isn’t going to happen if people won’t do their part. And I’m sure there are more people than just the 6 of us who would want to see this great oppertunity come alive! 😀

So, although some of the places I’ve emailed to haven’t posted about it on their blogs yet – and that’s fine, I understand how busy life can be – I hope that when they do this petition will get signatures like crazy!! 😀

So that’s where we currently are. Once I see a bit of change I’ll update again possibly. thanks so much to those who signed. It doesn’t take much, you type your name and email (which WILL NOT be seen by me or anyone running the petition sight) and comment if you’d like, it only takes 5 minutes. 🙂 So please sign when you have the chance, okay? 🙂

Thanks again everyone. I apperciate it, and I’m sure everyone who attends this concert will as well!



  1. You’re not at 6%, you’re at 0.6%.

    6 out of 100 = 6%
    6 out of 1000 = 0.6%

    • Aha, oops… I’ll fix it once I’m on my laptop or whenever I remember to. Thanks for pointing out my mistake. 🙂

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