Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | March 30, 2012

Kamei Eri announces she won’t return to the Idol World

Ex-Morning Musume member Kamei Eri announced she won’t be returning to the idol world “forever”.

Kamei has decided to become a business women instead. She’s opening up a restaurant called “Kamei-do” with the help from her father for finance and restaurant management. The restaurant is set to open in Odaiba, Tokyo, sometime this summer.

I’m suprised by this, to be honest. I thought Kamei would for sure return especially since Tsunku told her she could once her treatment had ended. But it seems that she wants to take a different route. I have to say, as a big Kamei fan, I’m disappointed that she won’t be returning at all. But, things could change in the future!

I hope Turtle the best with her restaurant and that it becomes a popular place! Good luck, Turtle-chan!



  1. My name is Silver and I’m one of the biggest fans of kamei, She is a kind person, I have allot of respect for her, and I wish her the best in the world whatever she wants to do, she’s my favorite morning musume and favorite person in general, to talk to her would be amazing. I’m a straight guy, but I never liked when I saw photos of her kinda semi-naked, because I think she is not the kind of girl who would do such things, to expose herself, and use her sexuality in such public ways, she is much more than that, she has substance, intelligence etc, but they, I dono what in her life lead to her decision to take those photos, who knows… Of course we’re all humans and have sexual needs, but sexuality shouldn’t be public, and sexuality shouldn’t decide our lives, it does for most people, most people revolve their decisions on sexuality, but that’s just feral animal behavior, not a sign of intelligence, an intelligent person should be able to control these emotions, not deny them, but control them, acting on primal urges is a sign of lack of intelligence and evolving. But whatever, that’s another topic, back to kamei, would I want for her to be back in some sort of media ? Yes, I would love to, but again I wouldn’t want her to expose her sexuality to the public, it’s degrading to a human being, sexuality should be private, I would however like her to come to some sort of talk show, comedy, or whatever, I just want to see her, but at the same time for her to be happy, and if she is not happy in the public eye, then so be it, her happiness is more important, I’d be glad to know she is doing fine without ever seeing her again. And the fact that I love her so much is not a mystery and I never try to hide it, on the contrary I have her as my wallpaper and avatars and such, because it’s not a kind of love that is primordial, it’s a different level of love.

    • i really agree with you..i’m a girl but i’m a true girl..haha..just want to say that she is really good person and i don’t think that she is the person that will expose her body to get attention..maybe it just for work at that time.kamei is very different.. she was very kind and honest..she is kinda stupid because she is kamei..she didn’t become other person..she come to entertainment world with that image..and thats why i still respect and miss her until now and hope i can get more news about her..i don’t know what me like her so much..maybe because she is DIFFERENT..she is natural…i didn’t found any japanese idol that i really respect except she and aragaki yui..miss her so much

  2. Well from things that I’ve read Eri’s family is rich. They have yearly family camping, lives is a rich neighborhood. I’m pretty sure she is secured financially and CAN open a café.

  3. I’m having trouble finding the exact location of the restaurant. Any clues at all. Would be great to support her and catch a glimpse.

  4. This is not true, dont make up things!

    • I never made it up. Do you really think I have time to sit here and make stuff up about these kinds of things? And why would I want to do that? I have a life outside my blog, I post info and events and such for other people to keep them updated, not to troll.

      I got the info from other blogs. If I’m wrong, they’re wrong, and it’s a thing called a rumor. Those happen. Considering the post is a few months old, I’d say so is the news and thus may not even be relative anymore. That also happens. If anyone made it up, it wasn’t me and others too posted about it thinking it was true and so I posted with the same misleading/incorrect information. I usually check around for these things and I did, and because so many posted with similar if not the exact same info I assumed it was to be true. My apologies for being human and making mistakes.

      Don’t comment on my site with comments like that. It’s one thing to say you don’t think it’s true or to let me know it’s been cleared as false, but don’t insult me please. I work hard to keep this blog running, I don’t need comments like yours. You could have said it nicer or in a less ignorant way. How would you feel if someone commented something like that on your blog, pointing fingers and making uneducated comments such as yours?

      Thanks for commenting, but please think about what you put before you put it.

  5. where is the source of this news? is this just a fake rumor?

    • This was quite a while ago, like a year ago. So I honestly don’t remember quite well.

      I would have gotten it from Tokyohive for the most part as well as various other news blogs to make sure it wasn’t just a false rumor, and Tokyohive doesn’t often post things like this if they are rumors.

      However, I haven’t heard anything about it since (or maybe I did and posted an update, for some reason I feel like I did) so I’ll do a bit of research on the subject this weekend and see if I can come up with anything. If not, it could simply be that her restaurant is still in the works and hasn’t debuted yet, and thus no news would be present, but I’ll see what I can do. 🙂

  6. this is actually a good news. we have a better chance of meeting her than if she is an idol. just go to her restaurant.

    • That’s true! Lol but I’m not sure if it’s a similar situation as Miki’s restaurant or not, where she’s just the image girl and not a manager or owner. Although since from the news she’s started it with her father, I’m sure she owns it and all, but she probably doesn’t, you know, chill at the restaurant, as she did use to be an idol and that with always follow her. Fans I’m sure still recognize her and get her autographs and things. Being a huge Kamei fan, it would be totally awesome to meet her there though by chance. How crazy would that be?! Lol

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