Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | April 8, 2012

Site update!

I decided to start a post where I talk about updates with the site or any news I feel is necessary to talk about (mostly regarding the site). I’ve seen many blogs do this, and I’ve found through observing that it’s good for the fans of the site, so I thought I myself would do it. 😀 Anyways, so over the past few weeks I’ve done quite a lot. Let me break it down…

Discography Section

I’ve updated each group’s new singles. Morning Musume, Berryz Kobo, and C-ute’s new singles have been added! This week I’ll update them with any info that’s not already put up on their pages. Also, while updating S/mileage’s and adding Dot Bikini, I realized I hadn’t added Choto Mate Kudasai!, and while doing that… I realized Please Mini Skirt Postwomen wasn’t their either. So I added and completed those pages.

Review Section

The review section hasn’t been updated, but I’m posting about updates that WILL happen… eventually. Buono!’s Gomenasai’s review will be done and added (I need to re-watch I think… just to refresh my memory slightly), Berikyuu’s Ousama Game, once released, will be done and added, although with that one it’ll be done immediately so I won’t procrastinate like I am currently doing with Gomenasai. Also, Buono!’s Re: Buono! concert tour will be done at some point for those waiting. I can’t find it anywhere online since I’m currently… broke. No, more like this: I have money, but my parents don’t want me buying anything overseas, and all that. But once I do and I watch it, it’ll be up. There were a lot of things I need to review, but currently, those are one my to-do list. Requests are welcome, but I can’t say for sure how fast I can get it done… it depends on how much I’d like to review it.


I’ve seen a few people have gone to this page (through the stats for the site), and clearly they didn’t read the About section, or they would know going there is a waste of time… as there is nothing there. lol Anyways, what to do with it is still… unknown at this point. Once I’ve decided I’ll post about it, but until then, ideas are more than welcome, even if you’re new to my site or don’t read it that often. 🙂

Well.. so that’s what’s going on. Also, the sigs for the Buono! coming to Canada petition have gone up to 11 since my update post on it. However, that’s… not enough. lol So please SPREAD THE WORD as much as you can, as well as voting yourself. It takes 5 seconds and it’ll be worth it! Thank you to those who have signed, that’s really apperciated!

I’ll update again next week!

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