Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | April 9, 2012

Pre-order Gaki’s Grad ver. of Renai Hunter on iTunes!!

Niigaki Risa’s graduation edition of Morning Musume’s Renai Hunter can be pre-ordered from iTunes.

The pre-order includes Renai Hunter, Watashi ga Ite, Kimi ga Iru (the b-side), Egao ni Namida ~Thank you! My dear friends~ and the instrumental of Renai Hunter.

I found this when I was checking for MM’s Pyoko Pyoko Ultra (which still isn’t up) and was surprised, as this isn’t something iTunes (as far as J-pop groups go) has done before. I didn’t pre-order it, as I’m still deciding if I’d like to buy it off Yes Asia and get a real-life copy and contribute to the Oricon rankings, but for those who can’t do that (my parents and I are still in the discussion of allowing it, so I may be in the same boat as you and have to get this) I recommend doing this!

If you don’t pre-order, it’ll still be there after the release. the only difference is with this you get everything and not just one or two things of your choice (so, for example, if normally you’d just get Gaki’s solo and Renai Hunter, you can’t, when pre-ordering you get all four songs). Also, once it is released, it’ll be downloaded to your iPod immediately, rather than you having to find it and all.

Morning Musume’s Renai Hunter is set for April 11th.


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