Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | April 17, 2012

Morning Musume breaks another record!

With Gaki’s graduation coming up, everyone was hoping Renai Hunter would do well. So when the single hit number one on the charts, that was great enough. But now, on top of that, the song also marks the most consecutive top 10 singles by a girl group, with Momusu having 49 (which would mean every single they’ve ever had was in the top ten) which is awesome for these girls! Gaki’s last single, even though graduation at the 50th might have been better, is doing great do far and for me one of the best singles since Only You last year. 🙂

Ganbare MM!

(I’d put an awesome Gaki pic here, but my iPod WordPress app won’t allow it. I’ll do it when I get home. Lol )


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