Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | April 29, 2012

Site Updates (Week 4)

I had posted this yesterday, but it seems it didn’t post… so I’ll type it up again and hope it gets through this time.

Like I had planned, I was productive this week as well~! I got all the major stuff done before Wednesday and the little things done by yesterday. I’ll break it down as usual:

Discography Section

I updated all the new singles and added a few new covers and information, so all the groups are up to date! I’m keeping an eye out for official sale numbers, so if anyone knows where I can go to get those, I’d really appreciate it if you link me in the comments. Right now, first week sales are just the numbers I’ve gotten from other blogs or sources and everyone has said they aren’t official.

Profile Section

Each group’s history has been updated, and any members who have needed updating have received it!


Like I planned, I updated the video widget at the right with MM’s Renai Hunter and S/mileage’s Dot Bikini music videos. I also made a new poll and have put it up, so if you haven’t already, vote! I think I’ll leave it for a week and change them regularly, so vote while you have the chance! Here’s the results from the previous poll:

Q:Who’s your favorite Current Main H!P Group?

1. Buono! – 41.18%, 7 votes
2. Morning Musume – 35.29%, 6 votes
3. C-ute – 11.76%, 2 votes
4. Berryz Kobo, S/mileage – 5.88%, 1 vote each

This didn’t surprise me, to be honest. Buono! is my number 1 choice, and Morning Musume and C-ute for me are also my favs. Berryz and S/mileage, although I like them a lot, aren’t really impressing me lately, with Berryz having been that way since Maji Bomber!. Berryz sales haven’t been doing well, so I hope they can get back in the game and do some serious promotion like C-ute did to sell their next single. And let’s hope that single is a good one!

The next poll is: Who’s your favorite 10th generation member?

Vote! Vote! Vote!

This week I plan on doing some reviews for Hey! Say! Jump members Yamada, Arioka, Chinen, and Nakajima’s dramas Sensei wa Erai! ans Scrap Teacher. Also, possibly changing the header… I need Photoshop! D:<

[REMINDER]: The Buono! petition needs votes!! And, don’t forget to send in your pictures for Niigaki’s tribute video that we’re sending to her as a grad present!! The deadline is May 15th 2012.


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