Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | April 30, 2012

Berryz Kobo and C-ute 10th Year Anniversary Book announced!

Berryz Kobo’s Shimizu Saki announced on her blog recently that Berryz and C-ute will be releasing a book commemorating the group’s past 10 years since they first auditioned for H!P as H!P Kids.

I’m hoping the book won’t be a “pictures, solo and group, and that’s it” type book. I hope it’ll contain something similar to a scrap book or something. And interviews and such with the members would be nice. Unlike other fans, I don’t think they’ll get Megumi, Kanna and Erika in on it, or even Maiha. With Erika it’s possible, but Kanna and Megumi are unlikely due to the scandels they had and that being the reason behind them leaving (although those reasons were covered up with “returning to a normal life/focusing on my studies” for Megumi and that bunion disorder for Kanna) so I don’t think Tsunku will push it that far. The point of 10 years is the current members and how far they’ve gone and how much they’re worked to get here, while Megumi and Kanna took it loosely and diobeyed and got fired for it. With Maiha, as Berryz themselves have said she stopped emailing and such and that “the friendship just wasn’t ment to be”, as Miya-chan put it, I don’t think she’ll be joining. She left because her father wanted her to focus on her studies and her private school wouldn’t allow her in Berryz if she wanted to continue to attend, and her future came first for her father (from what I’ve gathered, anyways). She since she broke it off I highly doubt they’ll be a reunion with them. Plus, Tsunku had said she could return once her schooling is over, and she wwould be graduating next year from high school and I’m sure she’ll go to college. So, a return in general is unlikely.

Moving on, there is no other information given about the book. Since the date that they passed the auditions was June 30th 2002, I’ll assume that’s the date for the book release. I’ll update once more news is released!


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