Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | May 4, 2012

Mitsui Aika to Graduate from Morning Musume

Sitting in my chair having just finished a Religion essay on drug addicts and helping prevent them, I’m the only one in my class actually working and completely done. So I go on Facebook, and what do I see? A post from a fan page of H!P saying Aika would be graduating.

At first I didn’t believe this. Going on Hello! Sayunii, I saw that post about it and felt my stomach drop. H!SN wouldn’t post it if it wasn’t true.

There are so many things wrong with this. First of all, she’ll be graduating alongside Gaki on May 18th at the Bodukon. Like many have said, that’s Niigaki’s day! I understand they want to push her out of the group as soon as possible while still giving her a graduation concert and if she waited it wouldn’t be until the fall concert that she would graduate (or possibly the summer concert tours for H!P) but Niigaki has been in the group ten years and she deserves to have that day just for her! Although I’m sure she doesn’t mind, it’s still sucks.

Another thing that makes this whole thing suck is that she never got her chance to shine. She hasn’t gotten a line in a single since Onna ni Sachi Are, of I remember correctly. And Pyoko Pyoko Ultra doesn’t count, since she’s just background echos. Now, her last song with the group is Renai Hunter and she doesn’t even have any lines. It’s unfair, and Aika is so talented, she never got to show that. It’s sad and unfortunate.

Reina had blogged about it and expressed her shock. She said she thought her or Sayumi would graduate before Aika. I think everyone did, to be honest.

However, Aika’s health comes first and that’s what matters. She will be continuing her activities within Hello! Project, doing MCing for various events, so it’s not like they’re kicking her out completely.

Looking back at my The Future of Morning Musume – Where are they headed? post, I’m sad that I was wrong about Aika not graduating for a while. Sayumi has said she would like to try being the leader for a bit and then to graduate, and I’m sure Reina won’t be too far behind her. So what then? A group full of newbies. I hope that doesn’t happen for another few years, 2 at most, so the 9th and 10th gen can really set in and take hold of being the next era of the group.

Here is Aika’s announcement on the subject:

Thank you for always supporting me. But at this time I, Mitsui Aika, have decided to graduate from Morning Musume. Last May, I felt a lot of discomfort in my foot. There have been various attempts to help me improve my problem, but I have been diagnosed with an ‘abnormal’ bone disorder. Because of this, I’m closing full activities as a Morning Musume member so that I may rest. Recently, I’ve been feeling more grateful for being able to participate in Morning Musume and have been looking forward to participating in a range of activties. However, I went to get diagnosed on April 23rd. Although they said “You bone doesn’t show any signs of abnormality. So it won’t be problem during everyday life activities”, they also said “however, if you continue with strenuous exercise, this could potentially happen again”.

I thought maybe I’d be at 100% one day as a Momusu member, but the diagnosis said there is a risk of recurrence. I spoke with my mother about the consultation and my future. You need to put your health first, and not worry about the members, staff or fans. So, I wish to graduate. As it’s because of my body, I should graduate soon.

Tsunku and the staff agreed that the best time to graduate would be during the spring tour since the last performance on May 18th is at Budokan. I know it is sudden. I want to apologize to the members and the fans and hope they understand.

I’m sorry to the fans who hoped that I would be able to dance in full. So until the end of the Budokan performance, I will do my best. So until the last show, thank you for your support.

After Morning musume, I will consult with the staff and Tsunku about what kind of activities I can do within Hello Project.

Good luck to Aika and Morning Musume. ❤


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