Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | May 8, 2012

Niigaki Risa’s Egao ni Namida ~THANK YOU DEAR MY FRIENDS~ PV Released

I’m a bit late doing this, but I thought since I have nothing else do and am just sitting here in class I might as well, right?

When I got this song from iTunes, the cover has this song a sort of… Dark vibe? Not that the song is, but when I thought of this song that’s what I though of – the dark cover used. Seeing this music video changed that!

Now, the music video doesn’t have a lot of scenes in it. There’s three main ones – Niigaki looking at pictures, her singing in a room in different places and positions and a sort of close-up of her singing but it’s more natural. Also her taking pictures of herself, so four, but that’s not until halfway through and it doesn’t go all the way through.

Even though most of it has nothing to do with the lyrics of the song, the music video is simple and does a wonderful job of showing off Niigaki’s cute personality. The pictures reminded me of Berryz Kobo’s Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nande! PV. However, it was cute to sort of look back through Niigaki’s time in Momusu and see photos from her blog that showed her closeness with the other members. There were a lot of TakaGaki photos too. :3

The whole video is a lot of fun to watch and keeps you watching despite being so simple. I really enjoyed it. At some point I noticed the suitcase next to her on the floor when she’s sitting on the floor against the chair singing, and I sort of thought, “She’s leaving…” and although I thought that, even though I know that’s what the suitcase stood for, I sort of didn’t feel sad throughout the rest of the video.

When Niigaki got up and left with the suitcase, that lonely feeling crept up on me and made me sad. It seems that the old house represents Morning Musume – the safe, comforting place she’s stayed for over ten years, which homes usually are – and her leaving represents her graduation, obviously. Her going through the pictures represents her reflecting over the time she’s been there and the memories she’s had while in that house and the people she’s met. Thinking of it that way, it’s really a special PV. Or maybe it’s just a PV. But I personally like thinking about it in this way.

Even though her song wasn’t an original, it’s a song that is special to her. I think the music video is the same way. I prefer it over Ai-chan’s PV and song to be honest, but I still love that song and music video.

Anyways it’s lunch so I’m ending this. Sorry for rambling. :$ Enjoy the PV!


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