Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | May 8, 2012

Update on Niigaki and Aika’s Graduations

According to Tsunku’s recent Twitter post, Niigaki and Aika will be graduating separately but during the same concert.

Although I’m not sure how this will go, I think they’ll do it like during the ceremonies one will graduate and than the other comes out and graduates. They they perform together… Not sure though. I believe there’s only one concert, even though there’s usually and day/night concert, I think with graduations they have only one concert at night so the graduate doesn’t have to graduate twice (although they don’t do the ceremony for every single concert for the tour, just the last one so… I guess it wouldn’t matter since if there was a day/night concert, they would only be graduating at the night one anyways).

So for those worried about it being Gaki’s time to shine, she’ll get it and Aika will get her’s.

Nice save Tsunku, nice save. 😀


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