Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | May 14, 2012

Morning Musume to perform at fashion show

It has been announced that Momusu will be one of the performers for the Girls Award 2012 Spring/Summer collection ~All you need is LOVE~ event at Yoyogi Stadium.

The event it a fashion show where fashion designs show off their newest trends and clothes. Unlike most fashion shows though, the models gets to be free about how they move and their poses and facial expressions, getting to smile and such as they show of the designs.

A few interesting things about this event: First off, it will include Umeda Erika and Yaguchi Mari as models. It would have been awesome of they included C-ute as performers as well, so then there would have been a bit of a reunion. Also, this is the first event with Sayumi as Leader of the group and Gaki and Mittsi gone, which from H!P’s new profile picture of the group seems really odd to me. But this event is sort of the start of the new Momusu, and promoting them isn’t such a bad thing.

The event will take place on May 26th.


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