Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | May 17, 2012

Hey! Say! Jump release covers for new album

The jacket covers for HSJ’s new album, JUMP WORLD, have been released! Don’t get too excited, they’re not anything special.


The Limited version has each member in a different square with their own colour. This isn’t too bad, but it’s not great. I hate it when they do a rush job on these covers and although they don’t look bad (I mean, LOOK at Yamada! That boy NEVER fails to make a cover look great, no matter how rushed it is!) and the boys look great as usual, it would have been nicer to have some nice covers for this album. And what’s up with Inoo’s hair? And Keito’s, for that matter? Why stylists let these boys wear their hair like that is beyond me. Even Yamada’s hair isn’t looking as nice as in Magic Power or Super Delicate or as is usually is styled recently. Although he looks great (as always since he was like, born) I prefer the style he usually has. And Chinen. Please go back to the OVER hairstyle. You look so great in that PV, I’d almost consider you sexy. Almost.

Moving on to the Regular, it’s a LOT better in comparison. Inoo’s hair looks better which is a plus. Actually, everyone’s hair looks decent here. Kota’s wearing a thick-looking sweater even though it’s summer. The group shot with a white background is common when they couldn’t put the effort into an actual awesome cover, but the boys all look great together and cute, so it’s okay I guess. I prefer this cover by a long shot.

The covers are more colorful than I expected considering Jump’s mature image recently. I prefer the mature, sexy image of their most recent songs minus Magic Power, and I was hoping with some of their songs on the album being this way that the cover would reflect that, as the cover is meant to show that the boys have become adults since their last album. But it’s colorful and cute, not sexy and mature, so I hope the rest of the songs reflect this since the cover clearly doesn’t. The only song I’ve heard so far is Boku wa Vampire, and like I predicted it’s a mature sexy song, so I hope we have a few more songs like it.

So that’s it. Done rambling, and I’m going to bed. Don’t forget the album is set to drop June 6th so buy a copy and support the boys is you can!


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