Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | May 19, 2012

Site Updates (Week 7)

Well although I didn’t have much planned to get done this week, I didn’t get it all done unfortunately. A lot has been going on recently and will continue for the next few months, so I can’t really tell how much progress this site will make update-wise until it all cools down. However this site and the readers ARE a bg priority for me and whenever I get the chance to update the site I will, and I will keep updating with news regularly whenever news is released! So, moving into what I’ve updated this week:

Discography Section

The Discography section is almost always being updated. Once I’ve updated one thing I’ve found another that needs updating…

I’ve updated the Miscellaneous page with Aa!, ZYX and High-King, and each group’s page is updated. I also added the Shugo Chara! Song Best to Buono!’s page and fixed it for Shugo Chara Egg!’s and Guardians 4’s pages as well since I had two pages for it and the one which I made for that one was different then the one I made today. So I fixed that.

Profile Section

I update Morning Musume’s picture with the new lineup (which is too tall of a picture so I hope they update with one that’s less in hight and more in width), and updated Morning Musume’s page with a few things and (sadly) changed Niigaki and Aika from the “current” to the “past” section. I also updated Sayu, Reina, Aika and Gaki’s profiles.

Goals for this Week

I plan to update W’s discography page since I realised while doing the other Miscellaneous pages that although the CD covers are there when you click them there’s nothing there, which would be because I never did them. 😛 (I really wish someone would have commented since people have visited that page and found nothing and told me sooner…). So that I hope will get done by next week. I also plan to update ex MM member’s profiles if needed.


I’ve kept this up for three weeks, but it seems that no one else is voting so here are the results:

Who is your favourite Morning Musume 10th Gen member?

1. Ishida Ayumi/Kudo Harunk – 5 votes each (50% each)
2. Iikubo Haruna/Sato Masaki – 0 votes each (0% each)

Total votes: 10

I feel bad for Iikubo and Sato-chan, but I hope once the 10 gen gets more exposure with the upcoming 50th single and their own b-side and all that the results will change. Congrats to Ayumi and Harunka though!~

The next poll will be Who is your favourite S/mileage 2nd gen member?

Please vote!


So that’s about it. Have a great weekend everyone!

[Quick Shout-out]: Thanks to those who participated in Niigaki’s graduation Tribute and sent in their pictures! I means a lot to Gaki I’m sure. :3 Once I can find it, I’ll upload the tribute video for everyone to see the results of fan power! 😀 Also, 16 votes for Buono!’s petition! Please take 5 seconds to type your name and click “sign” to help bring Buono! to Canada! Thank you!!


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