Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | May 21, 2012

Ah, the issues of H!P girls…

A random post that’s not about news? A first for my blog, I know! While editing the About section today I realized that I haven’t done any posts where I just talk. I talk about subjects I feel like talking about, giving my opinion and my thoughts. I’ve been mostly writing news reports as there has been alot in the last few weeks and I’ve been updating the site, so these random posts I keep meaning to do never get done. I did a picspam post once, though.

I recently hit ’50 posts made’ with the Site Updates post I did on Saturday, and I had planned on making that post a special one, but I didnt realize that’s how many I’ve made as I usually update while at school using the WordPress app which doesn’t tell you what your post count is after every post you make (whicch gets annoying, I wish they’d just tell me around the time I’m about to reach a milestone post).
So since I missed it, and even though this is my 52nd post, I’m going to do a random topic discussion post since I’m bored on a Monday evening and have nothing better to do other than watch Yamada Ryosuke videos and squeel at his amazing sexiness. Although that’s not my topic today. Some other time, maybe.

This is my topic, ladies and gents: “Weight”.

Yes. Weight. The weight issues of H!P to be more percise. I was inspired to discuss this quite a long time ago, around the time JunJun/LinLin/Eri were still in Morning Musume, and it was Junjun who inspired me with a blog post as well as other comments she had made and since then numerous things have weighed in (see what I did there?) and so this post is full of weight issues. Let me explain…

Junjun had made a blog post (I apologize for not quoting her, but I can’t find it and I swear I saved it) about how she ordered a pizza and her manager scolded her for eating so much, thinking she would get fat. Then, in Pocket Morning, she was asked if she could ask any member/the members something what would it be, and she responded with something like “Why are you all so thin?!”. Junjun’s not even fat, I don’t think she was even the largest girl in the group at the time (although it’s rare to find a ‘fat’ asian, let’s be honest). So this whole “pressure on weight and to be thin and to not eat so much” thing inspired me. Also, now that I think about it, during a Ayaka’s English Lesson episode Ai-chan had talked about gaining weight since she was eating chocolate late a night and so was dieting. Really? Because looking at her, you wouldn’t know she even ate that much at all.

Another thing that recently has sparked inspiration has been Chisato. Okai Chisato is one of the most talented girls in H!P and I absolutely adore her. She’s one of my favs in C-ute (although I love them all to bits). In her blog over the past several months she’s talked about her weight and how she’s dieting. Maimai has done it as well, and recently, the girls of C-ute as well as their managaer decided to diet together. On Music on Saturday Chisa talked about her weight and how her and C-ute are in their “fat period”. I’m sorry, none of these girls are even close to the word fat. Hello? Maimi, Airi, Nacky, Mai, and Chisato are in good shape and are healthy. Chisa talked about her trouble with weight in the past (when C-ute was a 7nin group) and how she was gaining so much weight during the concert tour that her clothes got tight on her. If you watch the making of for Mobekimasu’s single, Chisato does seem slightly thicker than the other girls in C-ute, but not enough that you could consider her fat. You can watch the Musata video here of the girl’s talk:

Another one that I worry for is Tanaka Reina. But it’s not her weight going up, it’s going down.

A lot of people/fans have said this before in numerous videos (High-King’s C\C (Cinderella\Complex PVs, amoung others) that she looks oddly thin. I’ve noticed it in pictures as well, and although Reina is a very pretty girl, I wonder if she eats enough. These girls work hard and I remember when Reina was having troubles sleeping and was starting to see things (I’ll make a more detailed post on that subject later) and started to scare fans and make them worry about her health. Here are some pictures to show Reina’s thin body for those who haven’t noticed:

These girls are pressured to be thin by the music industry, as are the rest of girls around the world that are surrounded by media based on thin girls and dieting and the like. So it’s understandable, they’re normal, but I wish someone would knock some sense into them. Especially Chisa and Reina. Give Reina a few thousand burgers and smack Chisa upside the head. Okay not really, but come on.

Reina isn’t looking AS THIN these days as I can tell from videos and her newest PB which I’ll be reviewing sometime soon but then again photoshop can do amazing things. I hope this whole weight thing dies down and the girls focus on more important things in the future.


  1. You should have mentioned Zukki-chan as well. OuO

    • I’ll be doing a part 2 soon, which will include her. At the time Zukki’s weight wasn’t such a huge issue like it is now.

      • yeah..please do. Arigatou! ouo

  2. You didn’t mention Maasa?

    • Oh! I forgot about her… I plan on making another post on the issue sometime soon, so I’ll talk about her then.

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