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Morning Musume’s many kinds of Girls (Part 2)

Here’s part two! Moving on to…


The aces and favourites are those who are pushed to the front and are favourites of fans and… Tsunku. They are the ones who get the most lines and screen time and whatnot, and are the ones pushed forward the most out of their generation.

Natsumi Abe


The first ace. Originally, Kaori was going to be the lead singer for Morning Coffee, but Tsunku changed it to Natsumi at just the last moment and BAM. Nacchi’s #1. She had a nice voice and cute personality in the group and became the “face of Morning Musume” until she graduated in 2004. I’m sure had Tsunku thought of it sooner she would have had a solo single and everything, but I’m happy that Ai-chan got that first because by then it wouldn’t have been special.

Goto Maki


The only third generation member and an ace from the start. Everyone loved Goto, and she was the one who got Morning Musume to sell over a million copies of Love Machine. To be honest the song was very “Japan’s the best” with lines like “Japan’s future is the object of the world’s jealousy” and was a happy fun song that was popular with everyone. For those who didn’t listen to MM prior to that song I don’t think cared Goto had joined until after they became a fan – they bought the song because they liked the SONG, not Goto. So credits for the million copies sold goes to Tsunku and his awesome song writing skills. We need another Love Machine, Tsunku! However, Goto really was popular among the fans. She always got lines in singles and was always front-and-center in T.V. shows, group pictures, concert performances, music videos, dance choreography and the like. So she makes the ace list.

Takahashi Ai


When she joined, she wasn’t really noticed very well until around Roman ~My Dear Boy~ where her lines and screen time increased after Nacchi’s graduation. Although songs like Do it! Now, Koko ni Iruzee, an Shabondama all feature her heavily in the lines and PVs. But it wasn’t too long before she was pushed the most out of the 5th gen. For the time she was leader and the era of Ai, Reina, Risa, Eri, Jun/Lin, Sayu, Koha and Mittsi, for my generation of fans, and even fans who had been fans since she joined, had seen her as the new face of Morning Musume. Getting her own solo song and edition of the group’s 46th single, it being released on her birthday, getting to decide EVERYTHING that went into her graduation concert all showed how special and important to the group she was.

Tanaka Reina


Ah, Reina. I bet everyone reading this knew immediately once they saw “Aces” Reina would make the list. From the start she was pushed to the front and was the lead singer in the 6th gen’s debut single Shabondama. Although a scandal pushed her to the back of the group not too long afterwards she was pushed to the front again for Ambitious!, in hopes it would bring MM’s sales up more. Reina didn’t become one of the main singers until Onna ni Sachi Are, and now she sings the majority of lines in songs and is front and center almost always. She’s not snooty about it though which is good. She’s a favourite of mine. 🙂

Kusumi Koharu


Tsunku chose her and claimed she was the ‘ace’ he was looking for during the 7th gen auditions. Unfortunately for Koha, not too many agreed. She had a nice voice and all but after Karin Revolution she started to get stuck using that squeaky annoying voice we all hate and suddenly the whole fandom was against her. She still sings like that. Tsunku still continued to give her lines in songs despite this. 😛 But when she sung nicely she had talent, and her dancing and all wasn’t bad and she was a treat in T.V. shows.

Sayashi Riho


I wonder if the Riho hate is still going? Everyone loved her during auditions, and like Reina, was a front girl from the start and then immediately everyone hated her. Maji Desu ka Ska! had equal lines mostly but after that Riho was the most and still is the most pushed out of the 9th gen.

Ishida Ayumi


From what I’ve seen she’s the most pushed. But I don’t know as, like I’ve said, my knowledge of the 10th gen is still pretty small. If I’m wrong correct me. But she’s the only one in her generation who sung in Renai Hunter (or at least all the way through as backing vocals) and she’s been center in dances and pictures so… Yea. She’s been my fav 10th gen since the start.

So that’s the Aces! Tomorrow I’ll continue with part 3! Check back to see what category is next and who made the list!


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