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Morning Musume’s many kinds of Girls (Part 3)

Here’s part 3! Next up is…

Triple Threats

Triple Threats are those members who seem to have everything – vocal talent, dance skill, awesome personality as well as many other aspects. All the girls in MM are and have been talented, but these girls are the ones who stand out to me the most for this category:

Takahashi Ai


Everyone MUST have seen this one coming. Ai-chan was always a talented singer straight from the start and immediately had incredible potential. She’s a great dancer as well and never fails to entertain. She’s amazing to watch as an actress and every roll she plays she pulls it off fantastically. As everyone knows, Ai-chan has an adorable personality and she’s one member that’s difficult to hate. Even though the ‘Reina-Ai’ duet singles/the fact that she sung the most was a huge complaint among fans, she’s wasn’t HATED for it and fans generally really liked her besides that. I don’t think there was anyone who didn’t feel some sort of sadness during her last months in the group.

Niigaki Risa

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Niigaki’s vocals are awesome and I love listening to her sing. Her dancing is energetic and stands out from everyone else. She’s an amazing actress like Ai-chan, and I’ll admit, while watching the Cinderella Musical MM did when Gaki played the Prince, I’m pretty sure I had a girl crush on her. I think everyone did as that was all that was in the comments. Her bubbly funny personality and pretty face made her fun to watch and listen to. And don’t forget her reactions to things. Priceless.

Kamei Eri


An amazing dancer, singer, actress, and person. She was my favourite member of the group, so when her graduation was announced, I felt empty for a while afterwards and cried watching her grad concert. Although i had only been a full-on fan (knew who everyone in every gen was and all their songs and such) until around January 2011 (got into MM in November 2010) and her grad was announced in June-ish, I attached myself early on to her as my favourite member because her personality and everything about her jut grabbed me. She didn’t sing as much although she was one of the mains, and I think her dance talent was stronger than her vocal, but she was still nice to listen to. Her funny personality made any T.V. show an awesome one and she was definitely one of the funniest in MM during the 3-year era after Yossie’s graduation. And she was/is REALLY pretty too.

Fujimoto Miki


Miki’s voice is nice to listen to (I prefer Ai-chan’s but I still like listening to her) and she wasn’t a bad dancer from what I’ve seen of her in performances. Her acting skills were awesome and she always made/makes me laugh when watching old H!P videos like Hello! Channel or Haromoni@ (I just suddenly clued in… Is Haromoni short for Hello! Morning? Or no?) and obviously she’s really pretty. I hope she releases something soon, although her adorable little baby comes first. :3



Is this one a shock? Linlin was/is an amazing vocalist. That girl has some lungs on her for sure. She wasn’t bad at dancing either, and personality wise she gets 5 stars! She was funny and cheerful and happy and I always found her fun to watch and I’m sure to be around as well. Her presence in the group is missed.

Sayashi Riho


Dancing, like Eri, seemed to be her strongest talent when she started. But during Ai-chan’s grad, she shocked me as her voice has gotten deeper and she can control it better. Comparing the album track and live performance of Silver no Udekoi, you can really hear how much she’s changed, and the change is even more dramatic when you compare the live to Maji Desu ka Ska!. So add singing to the list. Her acting skills are not bad either and she’s pretty cute (although sometimes she comes across as if she thinks she’s better than everyone else, although that can be another topic for later). She’ll defiantly be the next Goto/Ai-chan in the future Momusu. Although unlike Ai-chan, Riho has a lot of haters.

Suzuki Kanon


This girl has amazing vocal talent! She’s an okay dancer, her acting is amazing, and she’s funny as hell! Her personality is fantastic and she’s one of those people, similar to Ai-chan, who you can’t hate. LOOK AT THAT CUTE FACE PEOPLE. 😀 More lines for Zuuki please Tsunku~!

Ishida Ayumi


She’s like Riho in a lot of ways – dancing skill, cute face and cute personality. I haven’t heard her sing other than in Pyoko which wasn’t long enough to get a good idea of her voice (I really need to go back and watch the audition footage for the 10th gen) but I’m sure she’s not bad, and if she’s like Riho vocal-wise as well, I’m sure she’ll drastically improve over the next year or so. Another fronter – maybe the next Reina? – in the future MM.

So that’s another one done! Part 4 will continue this series of posts tomorrow. Look forward to it!



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