Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | May 25, 2012

More info on AnimeNEXT

A few things have been released and announced. I’ll start with the goods:



As you can see, there are many items you can purchase, such as towels, DVDs, photos, shirts, bags, Visual books, uchiwas, and DVD magazines. According to JHouseRock:

Those that purchase $40 or more* will get a special wristband which give you priority during the autograph session. …. $40 or more within the same purchase. Multiple purchases cannot be combined.

Albums, pictures, posters and such are the best things to get autographed as its easier for the girls to sign them.

The event will be June 8-10th.

Now on to the other news regarding AnimeNEXT.

Berryz is searching for the fan favourite!

Berryz Kobo wants to know which song from their own catalogue you want to hear most at their “AnimeNEXT 2012″ Concert!
Berryz Kobo will perform the top-voted song live at AnimeNEXT!

Let them know your favorite, and get ready to sing along with them at the show!

To vote, go to Up-Front Link’s Facebook page and message them. Only one vote per person. From what I understand Up-Front Link’s Twitter can be used as well. You can also email them at if you would rather do that.

The deadline for votes is June 1st 12pm EST so get your vote in before the deadline!



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