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Morning Musume’s many types of Girls (Part 4)

Alrighty, the next category is…


The Cute ones. The ones who’s cuteness make us melt. These are the girls who have been added BECAUSE they are cute, not because they have any talent to bring to the group. Although some have more talent than others and were brought into the group because Tsunku saw that talent as well as their cute face, others don’t/didn’t seem to have anything but cuteness to bring to the group. And adorable personalities, in some cases.

Ishikawa Rika


Even though it’s been years since she joined she still looks almost exactly the same. Ishikawa is one of the member’s whose singing wasn’t the best when she joined and I haven’t heard it recently to know if that’s changed or not. She was often the one who had the talking parts in songs, like The Peace and Shabondama. Hilarious on TV shows too.

Kono Asami


KonKon has a cute chubby face, but her singing has never been the best. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her audition footage but I have seen live performances. The only songs I’ve seen her really sing in is Namida ga Tomaranai (and something else after that), which had Michishige and I believe Ishikawa as lead vocals as well. It seemed like Tsunku wanted a song that was just those who couldn’t sing. Although she had a cute personality and was also fun on TV shows.

Michishige Sayumi


I’m shocked if you didn’t see this one coming. I think everyone probably thought Sayumi as soon as they read ‘Cuties’. Sayumi’s auditions throughout weren’t very good and many fans were surprised she was chosen. Obviously her cute face had a lot to do with it. She has improved since then and now is actually tolerable, but she’s no Ai-chan, which is okay. Starting from her debut, she’s taken on the role of the one who talks and/or shouts in songs since up until the last few singles Tsunku hasn’t had her sing. Shabondama, Resonant Blue, Pepper Keibu, Nanchatte Renai, are some of the songs she’s talked in, and if she does sing, like in Nachou Kamo, she’s autotuned. And if she’s not auto tuned her lines are short like in Shouganai Yume Obito, Mikan or Onna no Otoko to Lullaby Game. But those are just the singles, as she’s gotten album solos and whatnot, but Tsunku seems to have her singing more often in songs over the past year or so, like when she was the lead in . Out of all the Cuties, she’s the cutest and my favourite.

Ikuta Erina


I’m not too sure about this one, it just seems that she’s the only 9th gen who hasn’t shown an extreme amount of talent and potential. Tsunku I believe said her personality was ‘cute’ and all, but I think her cute face may also had something to do with it. I haven’t heard her sing since Maji Desu ka Ska! and I’m sure Riho’s not the only kyuuki who has improved since debuting. So I’d like to hear more or her in the future.

Sato Masaki


Pretty much the same deal as Ikuta. Cute face an adorable personality, but besides that, vocal and dance talents haven’t been shown just yet. Although her adorable personality has caught my heart. I hope she gets more spotlight and improves as time goes on.

The final part of this series will be tomorrow or possibly later today depending on just how bored I am in class. Have a nice day. 🙂



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