Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | May 26, 2012

Morning Musume One Two Three HQ Performance

A HQ video of the song being performed at the Girl’s Awards 2012 has been uploaded!

I usually don’t listen to previews or concert rips and wait until the full PV is up so I can take it in all at once. However, I couldn’t resist and I’m surprised about what MM has done with their new song.

The song is very K-pop, all lines are auto tuned and the song is catchy. The dance is awesome – no crab moves, people! However, the song is a complete Reina-Riho-Sayumi show. Ayumi sings a few times I think (can’t tell since they all sound the same with the autotune and the sound quality will be better in the recorded version), but other than that, Reina and Riho especially dominate the song. There goes my hopes of more lines for the back burners.

Just as a side note, the girls are wearing A LOT of make up for this single, which usually H!P groups wear little so it looks more natural. I don’t listen to K-Pop but many fans have said K-pop groups are like that. Haruka looks so grown up, it’s scary!

Overall the song is fine. I hope The Matenrou Show isn’t so K-pop and more Morning Musume-like. I’m not against the K-pop sound, I like it so far, it shows Momusu can pull off any style (although they’re liping this performance completely) and it shows the group’s diversity. But I just hope they don’t get stuck in a K-pop genre for too long.

Here’s the performance:

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