Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | May 28, 2012

Niigaki attends event for new PB Ascension

Gaki attended an event a a bookstore in Tokyo on May 27th for her last Morning Musume photobook. This has been the first public appearance since she graduated on May 18th. It was shot in Okinawa, and features a variety of photos from swimsuits to cosplay.

Niigaki commented, “Yaguchi-san got married and she looked very happy. So I also hope to get married like my senpais someday.” She then continued, “By performing as the solo Niigaki Risa, I hope to deliver messages to people. I want to take a step forward while taking jobs one by one.”

She also said, “Recently, I spend a lot of my time alone, so I do have some feeling of loneliness. Morning Musume is challenging new things, so I keep my eye out for them.”

Niigaki was quite confident about the photobook, and said, “Since this was my last [as a Morning Musume member], I was able to take pictures while indulging myself in memories over the past 11 years. I give it over 100 points.”

I’m happy she’s got event for this photobook to promote it as well as herself as a soloist. From the previews the photobook seems amazing, so I hope everyone can purchase a copy if they have the money or get the chance! Here’s some pictures of the event:


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