Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | May 28, 2012

Site Updates (Week 8)

[Note: This post was from yesterday, but I forgot to post it since when I created it my Internet was down and when I got the Internet back I was working for like three hours on a project so… Sorry about it being two days
late now. Here’s the post anyways:]
A day late, sorry. My family is moving and we were cleaning to get the house ready to be put on the market. Anyways, absolutely nothing has been done this week other than posting some news and the Morning Musume’s many types of Girls series. So I’ll just do my goals for this week:

Goals for this week:

In the Discography Section I plan to update S/mileage’s Dot Bikini and their Best of album. I also plan to start work on W’s discography. For the Profile Section, I plan to update a few of MM ex members since things have happened since the last time I updated them. For Reviews, I’m finally going to watch Buono!’s Re: Buono! concert and review it, and I plan to possibly add a T.V show section and do H!P Time as its ending.

I won’t guarantee anything, but I plan to do all of this this week and be done by Saturday, but who know what could happen this week that could prevent me from getting to work on the site. I’ll do my best though!!

Have a nice rest of the weekend everyone!


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