Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | May 29, 2012

The Love Machine Curse… AGAIN?

If you don’t know what the Love Machine Curse is, go to the Love Machine Discography page here and read about it.

Anyways, while sitting in class bored I was looking through cover art and noticed something…

For MM’s 10 Anniversary All Singles Complete album they copied the Love Machine cover. Here’s a screenshot from my iPod:


Notice Koharu is in the front, so ignore her. Starting from top right hand side, Lin/Jun and Kamei. Then Ai-chan. Then Niigaki. THEN AIKA. Do you see it?! The criss-cross order of graduations (minus Koharu) was the same as the original Love Machine cover. If the predictions are correct, Sayu will be next to graduate. But, wait there’s more!

The 10 MY ME cover is the same:


Jun/Lin at the top right hand corner with Eri below them. Then Gaki, Then Aika (Ai-chan’s at the from for this one, but it’s still creepy). Once again, Sayu will be next.

And in the Fantasy Juuichi cover:


Jun/Lin, Eri, Gaki and Aika in the back (once again Ai-chan’s in the front, but…).

I just thought I’d creep you all out and point it out. The Anniversary cover is definitely the worst one by far. Any other MM covers that do this?


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