Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | June 1, 2012

Buono!’s 14th single News!!

Buono!’s new single, titled Never Gonna Stop has been announced. The song will be the theme song for the bowling program P-League.

The PV was previewed on the show. Although usually I wait to watch/hear the song until the full PV is released to give my thoughts, I watched the first few seconds and first I’ll say, Buono! is back to centering the members!! Miya is the center vocally and in the PV preview, and fans have said that Momo was center for Hatsukoi Cider (although not vocally and only for the band section of the PV). I think they’ll do what they did in the beginning – start with Miya center, than Momo and then Airi. I hope anyways. The song is also a more rockish song that’s slightly energetic and the girls are using their mature deep voices that sounds awesome. There’s also a lot of English in the song too, which is awesome!

The release date hasn’t been released yet, but I’m betting for sometime early July if the PV previews are already out. Buono! surprised us this time! I hadn’t heard about it until now and neither did anyone else. Sneaky Buono!!

Here’s the preview:



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