Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | June 4, 2012

Picspam anyone?

Hey guys. I’m bored in class and I’ve got pictures in my photos I need to get rid of. So, here’s a random Picspam post I’ve been meaning to do.


Found this while looking through motivational pictures in an app. Ahaha Gaki. 🙂


Haruna the zombie!! This was a while ago, not recent. Gaki and Aika and Sayu weren’t there for some reason. I wonder what these outfits were for? I haven’t seen them in anything other than this pic.


Ah Yamada. You really are the Ichigo prince. Look at you, having people bow down to you. 🙂


Nuff said.


This is really cute. It’s Gaki and Sayu. Little penguins. I feel like Arioka Daiki (HSJ) should be in one of these. Lol


She may be smiling, but she’s dangerous!


This one’s not funny, but I found it beautiful. Gaki would be happy to know this. 🙂


LOLOLOLOL. I love whoever made this. And no it wasn’t me. Sexy Smirk. Ahaha greatest thing ever!! Does anyone know what yo and M… are?! I can’t figure it out.


Sorry boys. Had to add this one. Look at Yama-chan!! The one on the right, fourth one in. Sexy. Chinen is awkwardly positioned though (the one the the right of Yamada).


LOL ERIPON. Too funny. The English is bad, but it’s still funny. 🙂


Congrats Yaguchi!!! And Reina… Cat ears? Really? To a wedding reception?!



Lol at Momo. Miya was fighting her and then Airi joined it, but she won in the end.


One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen.


I can recognize everyone in this photo except the one between Yoshizawa and Ai-chan and the one between Yoshizawa and Rika. 😛


Eripon and Gaki. Eripon looks like a young Gaki here. I had to double take when I first saw the picture.


Does anyone remember this episode? Poor Kana. 😦


Took me a second to realize this was Dawa, looking at the picture, and then I read her name. I was like ‘NO WAY!’. She’s usually so cute. Go Dawa is right.


Mikitty and her baby. So cute! ❤


Oh hello there sexy. How you doin’? Lol

So there you have it! Hope you enjoyed. 🙂


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