Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | June 7, 2012

Morning Musume’s One • Two • Three cover preview released

The news is flowing in today, huh? A preview of one of the covers of Morning Musume’s One • Two • Three/The Matenrou has been released.

The picture appeared on TOP YELL, a magazine in which Momusu appeared in. The cover is quite interesting:


Since everyone is on the cover I’m going to assume it’s the regular edition. Also, I don’t think they’d show the limited editions just yet.

The cover is simple but very attractive. Kanon, Mizupon, and Ikubo are on the left, Eripon, Kudo and Masaki are on the right, and Riho, Ayumi, Sayu and Reina are (not surprisingly) in the center. Their bright outfits contrast with the blue background and bars that they’re holding onto so it looks nice and stands out. The writing seems to be white, and it takes up the top of the cover so it doesn’t distract from the girls themselves and that’s a good thing.

Once the covers are released and are in HQ I’ll update once again with them!


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