Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | June 7, 2012

Some Buono! News!

I have not one but TWO pieces of news for you about Buono!!

Buono! is having another concert sponsored by PIZZA-LA

Buono! will be having another concert tour titled PIZZA-LA Presents Buono! Delivery LIVE 2012 ~Ai wo Otodoke!~

The concert will only have three days – August 25th and 26th at the Yokohama Blitz (Kanagawa) and September 2nd at the Nanba Hatch (Osaka).

Buono!’s Zen Single Music Video Collection Cover Released

Here’s the cover:


It’s not the best quality and kinda small, so I’ll update once a larger version is released.

From what I can tell, the cover is nice. Although that’s obvious. I mean, it IS Buono! we’re talking about here.

The release date is set for July 4th (my birthday… First MM’s new single and now Buono!’s MV Collection?! H!P must really want my money…).

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