Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | June 9, 2012

Morning Musume 15th Anniversary concert tour announced

Morning Musume will be having an 15th Anniversary concert. The concert will be titled, “Morning Musume 15th Anniversary Fall Concert Tour 2012 ~Colourful Character~”.

This concert is sure to be an awesome one, and I’m hoping they’ll be a few surprises as well for this special event. I’m hoping they’ll have all of Morning Musume – including past members – join in at some point to sing as song, like Love Machine. I’m happy the group has lasted this long, and I hope they’ll go another 15 years or more!

The concert tour starts September 15th, and will go to October 14th. Surpisingly there’s no Bodukon, but since the list is kinda small, they may add a few dates later on. Here’s a quick list of the tour dates:

September 15th-16th – Large Harmony Hall (Kanagawa)
September 22nd – Shunan Cultural Center (Yamaguchi)
September 23rd – Shimin Kaikan Fukuoka (Fukuoka)
September 30th – Sendai Shimin Kaikan Hall (Miyagi)
October 7th-8th – Nakano Sun Plaza (Tokyo)
October 13th – Olympus Hall (Tokyo)
October 14th – Kawaguchi Main Hall (Saitama)

As usual I’ll update once more information is released!



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