Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | June 11, 2012

Covers for Morning Musume’s new single released

The covers for Morning Musume’s new single have been released! I’ll list them and give a quick comment on them.

I’ll start with the regular:


The regular edition is really attractive. All the girls have happy smiles on their faces, and the blue background really makes the girls stand out.


The Limited A is more colourful and happy, which matches The Matenrou Show really well with its funky sound.


Limited B is the Rokkies ver. The cover is very sexy, showing the girls’ more grown up side as they are the oldest.


The Limited C. This one is also more colourful, and has the girls lined up. It’s simple, but nice.


Limited D is the Kyuuki version. It’s really cute and bright. The girls look like little dolls! I really like the way Mizuki looks in this. She’s absolutely gorgeous! The way they’re sitting reminds me of some of the 4-nin S/mileage covers of their major singles.


The Limited E. This one is the standard close-up of each girls’ face that we get. It sort of has a serious/sexy vibe which matches One • Two • Three more with this cover.


The Limited F is the Juukies edition. This one is really elegant and very Victorian-looking (minus the outfits). The girls also remind me of antique dolls, and I love the look of this cover.

So overall, my favourites are the regular, and the Rokkies/Kyuuukies/Juukies versions. What’s your favourite cover?

The single will be released July 4th. Once track listing is released or any other info as always I’ll update!



  1. Gonna correct a tiny mistake: At the rokkies’ cover you wrote: “As they atethe oldest” xD Sorry, I had a laugh at that XD
    PS: It’s XOcutie901 (^_^)

    • Lol that is really funny though. Thanks for correcting me! 🙂 I’ve put plenty of funny things although usually spellcheck on my iPod catches it if I’m using the WordPress app at school or I catch it while re-reading, but it seems I missed that. 😛 The other day I wrote Mizuki ate Erina instead of Mizuki and Erina. Lolololol. I’ll fix it.

      And I know. 🙂 Hello there. 😀

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