Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | June 16, 2012

MV released for Berikyuu’s Chou HAPPY SONG

Berikyuu’s new single Chou HAPPY song has been given a MV and released on the mbcmschannel!

I was hoping for a MV just like everyone else, so I’m happy to see we got one!

The music video is simple, but like I’ve said before, sometimes those are the best ones. I’m happy that although it’s simple, they did a good job and we didn’t get a half-assed MV as it often seems we do with some of the MVs these groups have.

The video opens with Momo and Airi coming into two seperate rooms and playing each group’s own album into a radio, which then starts the music. I won’t go into a step-by-step as you’re watching it anyways, but the video rotates between the group close up of Berryz (who wear red), group close up of C-ute (who wear white), separate close ups, the groups doing the close up together after the first chorus, and two separate dance shots for each group as well as a group dance shot (which looks better). There’s also a surprise (not a big one, but it’s cute so I thought I’d leave that to you and not spoil too much) at the end. As the video ends, Momo and Airi take the disks out and wave goodbye as they leave the room. I like how in the beginning the posters above the dressers were of their respected singles, and at the end they’re both of the new song. It was a cute touch that made the video even better.

Also, just as a side note, this makes me wonder when they made this due to Miya’s hair. She probably put in hair extensions, but even the colour looks really light. I don’t see the point in cutting your hair if you have it long all the time, but that could have always been the directer’s decision.

Overall, it’s a really nice video! It’s cute and fun and shows how close the girls are. The dance isn’t anything special as during the instrumental they do like a roller coast-like thing, but it’s cute nonetheless.

Here’s the video, enjoy! Feel free to comment and let me know of your thoughts on it!


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