Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | June 19, 2012

Nakazawa Yuko is pregnant!

Nakazawa has announced her pregnancy at her 39th birthday live as well as on her blog. She is currently 5 months pregnant.

On her blog, she said “Finally, I am 5-months pregnant, and it is a stable period, so the day I could announce it to everyone is here. This is my first experience, and I am anxious and feeling uneasy everyday, but at same time, I’m feeling joyful to become a mother.”

She also said “From now on, delivering a healthy baby will be my first priority. I will keep working as I carefully consider my condition.”

In addition to the news, she also announced that she held her wedding ceremony in Hawaii at the beginning of June. She commented, “It was a really happy day with our close friends and family, who watched over us warmly.”

I’m happy for Nakazawa, and I hope she delivers a healthy baby and continues to grow her family. I think she’ll make a wonderful mother!

Congrats Nakazawa!


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