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100th post!

Hello everyone! How is everyone’s week been going? Today was my first period exam for school, and it’s my only one since my other classes don’t have exams (Religion, Civics and Hairstyling and Asthetics). With that being said, I also had a lot of C.A.T.s (Culminating Activity Tasks, last project for each class, if you don’t have an exam in that class it’s worth a full 30$% of your final grade) to do as well, so I haven’t updated the site much if not at all other than news updates.

But anyways, as the title suggests, this is my 100th post! I feel like it hasn’t been that long since I started my blog, because really, it’s only been 4 months since I officially opened my blog in March, although really, my blog has been around for over a year. I’m happy to be able to reach 100 posts, and happy that people read each post I make and comment every now and then.

I feel like this post should be something special. But I couldn’t decide between writing a long post about something that’s been on my mind in the idol world or if I should make another picspam post. I decided I’d write the long post instead, since later I’ll do the picspam post.

So shall we get started?


Here is the subject: Fans. And not just fans, but their gender and age. The fanbase as a whole. Let me explain:

When I first got into H!P, I was watching a Buono! concert and was shocked by the large male fan base. Every new fan is. So many times I’ve seen on concert videos a fan complaining or asking about the male fans, or on YouTube videos they’re pulling out the gender and age of the views and they’re all like “Ewww!”. But really, it’s not that big of a deal.

Or is it?

Female fans, especially ones who enter the fanbase at 12, find the age and gender odd. But you get use to it, don’t you? If you talk to a fan who’s been one for years, they’ll say it’s not a big deal. I don’t think it is. But to others, like my parents for example, it’s weird.

Let me break this down for you: Male fans cannot like girl groups. They’re considered pedos, watching girls dance around in small outfits during concerts. Males also cannot like boy bands either, because then they’re also considered pedos or gay. But female fans can like both. … Does this make sense?

There are a lot of bloggers who are males, not gay or pedos, and love H!P. I hope these boys don’t mind being used as examples, but they are really great ones! Airiindeshou~?! and Morningtime are two blogs I follow which are both male fans. Morningtime can be a pervert quite often, but he’s not a pedo (and CLEARLY not gay). And Chris (Airiindeshou~!?) is also not a pedo (and not gay). They support and loves these girls, and female fans are okay with them. But I have read other people’s blogs in which they bash male fans, not just Japanese but from other countries too. For them, in their eyes, it’s just wrong for males to like a group of the opposite sex…

But God forbid they like a group of the same sex.

Hey! Say! JUMP’s fanbase is worse towards male fans than H!P’s. This is the reason I was inspired to write about this, afterall. Here’s my insperation: Kami-chan.

You may have heard of him, you may have not, but he’s pretty famous in the Johnny’s fanbase. A male fan at age 42 (or at least when his post about this was written), and gay (from what posts I’ve read where he’s refered to his boyfriend, I’m not just assuming) and absolutely amazing. He’s funny as hell, he’s smart, his opinions are always interesting to read, and he in general just seems like an awesome and happy guy. That is, until a few fangirls found out he was male, and all hell broke loose.

I’ll let you read the post about Kami-chan’s poor experience of the horrid side of this fanbase and leave the link to his post on his blog about it at the end of this discussion. It’s really sickening and sad thing to read.

Kami-chan left his blog and fans behind because of the hateful words, people coming on his blog and calling him a pedo, among other horrible things he’s been through, and it’s sad. Why do we, who are fans as well, get to bash a person until they break because of something as simple as gender and age? So what is he’s 42? Or gay? Or MALE? He’s a fan, and I’m sure the boys themselves don’t mind having fans like him, just like the H!P girls don’t mind having fans like Morningtime or Chris. We’re all fans, we’re all human, and that’s enough for the groups we support. So why is it not enough for the fans?

It’s true: there are some sick people in this world. There are men who go to boy group concerts to pick up girls. There are pedos out there. But that doesn’t mean every male out there who likes j-pop groups – being male or female – is one. I’m sure the girls don’t always feel comfortable dancing on stage in such tiny outfits, and probably feel a bit more comfortable doing so in front of female fans, but I’m sure by now they’re mostly use to it. As for fans, girls get to gush over their biases in boy bands – like Yamada in HSJ for example, he gets girls asking him to hold them or when he’s shaking their hands they cry and don’t let go. Male fans most of the time act better in front of their idols in handshake events and such, to be honest. They’re not sex-craved savages, like female fans try to make them out to be.

Fans leave the fanbase and the groups because of things like this, this whole debate, just like Kami-chan did. Kami-chan shouldn’t have been pushed to leave. We lost an amazing person in this fanbase, we need more like him! Personally, I get along well with almost everyone, so age and gender in a fanbase mean nothing. As a girl, I support male fans in both Hello! Project and Johnny’s Entertainment, and I encourage them to be proud of what they’re a fan of!
I feel bad for men in this fanbase, because they can’t win; girl groups or boy groups, they’re not allowed to like either.

With all of this being said, I think our standards need to change. We should start bonding over the fact that we’re all fans and stop acting like men are a disgusting species and need to be exterminated, like cockroaches in your house (the house being the fanbase). Like the groups have said many times themselves, they welcome all kinds of fans no matter the age or gender, so we as fans should as well.

To put it simply for those who are slow:

Grow the fuck up, or leave. If you can’t handle it, you’re the one who needs to go, not the true fans.

Here’s Kami-chan’s posts about his experience and his haters:

Here’s his unfortunate final post:

And his About Me page for those too lazy to just click it once they’re on his site, which would be easier:

Thanks for reading. I mean no offense to anyone in this post, just analyzing a topic, giving my opinion, and stating facts.

Have a nice day everyone!


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