Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | June 22, 2012

Momusu news!

I have two things to announce.

Morning Musume is going to release a new album, and will be titled 13 Colourful Character. It will come in 2 different editions: Regular and Limited.

Tsunku had previously hinted through his twitter account that he was working on a new Morning Musume album, so I’m happy to see it’s finally announced.

The set release date is for September 12th.

Another peice of news is about Gaki and Aika’a graduation concert!

Morning Musume’s 2012 Spring Concert Tour titled Morning Musume 2012 Spring Concert Tour ~Ultra Smart~ DVD and Blu-ray releases have been announced.

I’m excited for this, since this is the last concert for Gaki and Aika and from what I’ve heard it was truely an amazing one. Any Momusu fan would like to have this as part of their collection. I think I might even purchase it. 🙂

The release date for the DVD and the Blu-ray releases are set for August 28th.

When more info is release on these releases I will update!


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