Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | June 28, 2012

Ryutaro and a strange discovery

Well, as any HSJ fan would know, today is the one year anniversary of Ryutaro leaving JUMP.

I wasn’t a fan at the time of him being in the group. I didn’t become a fan until April 2nd of this year when I watched a performance of Super Delicate (yes, I remember the exact day. I also remember is was around 7-7:30 at night) and so, although I’ve seen videos of him and think he was adorable and I DO really like him, I feel like I also don’t have the right to talk about him or the anniversary.

But as a fan of JUMP, I will.

I’ve only seen the 9-nin JUMP, and never experienced the 10-nin JUMP in my time as a fan. But I do like him. And if he returned, I would be happy. But there’s something fans need realize.

It probably won’t happen.

If it does, fantastic. But he chose to continue with his studies instead of his career, he told Yuto himself. (Unless it’s a similar situation to H!P’s past scandals where returning to a normal life or focusing on your studies after a scandal like this has broken out usually means you’ve been fired and told to keep quite about it).

We know the fans are sad and waiting for his return. But what about JUMP? They probably get to talk to him, but do they miss him in the group? Do they want him back? They aren’t allowed to talk about him in interviews and T.V. shows, but behind the scenes, do they think of him?

While thinking this, I found something interesting. Thanks to fellow blogger Hanna for pointing this out! I’ll quote her (although I went through and bolded everything):

There are so many things that the JUMP members did to show that they miss Ryu in the past year.

I wanted to show, just a few episodes that I have heard, regarding how the members reacted.

Does everyone know the mystery and message behind “Magic Power”?

Firstly, “Magic Power” is 4min and 6sec long.

4.6 is Ryutaro’s birthday.


There is supposed to be 10 members in Hey! Say! JUMP.

Next, the album cover picture:

The members are in a forest.


The Smurfs have a book in their arm.


Third, the song has a tambourine,

the instrument Ryutaro played in the album “JUMP No.1”

Fourth, the title, “Magic Power“‘s first letter “M” is also the first letter of “Morimoto”, and the last letter of “Power” is also the last letter of “Ryutaro

Fifth, the lyrics are as if they are meant for Ryutaro:

At times when we laugh
At times when we want to cry
If everyone’s here it’s happiness
There’s no way we can separate
On mornings that suddenly turn around
Nights where we’re depressed
As long as we’re together so happiness

If everyone wasn’t around, it’d be boring
There’s no way we can separate

You can’t fight on an empty stomach
We’ll be energized today by eating lots

We, that don’t know anything

Anything we see is a great discovery
Slowly we’ll do things as the day comes to an end
Here, Let’s go out together

At challenging times
At times when we feel impatient,
If everyone’s here we’ll be invincible…

Our dreams are overflowing
We want to believe, to challenge ourselves

We don’t want to run away

Even at concerts at this time,

whenever the members huddled up, there was a spot open, where Ryutaro usually was.

The autographed signs that Yabu gave out had 10 people drawn on the back of it.

Many fans said that because “Magic Power” was not written by the JUMP members, it is just the JUMP fans over thinking about Ryu.

However, there are still fans, including me, that believe that maybe…just maybe, the JUMP members asked to have a say in the song.

I mean, the tambourine isn’t necessary in a song….

There were also rumors going around, saying that when “Magic Power” came out, if “Ultra Music Power” also ranked in the top 10 for Oricon charts, Ryutaro would be allowed to come back to JUMP.

There were even reports saying at the Hong Kong Concert this past month, during the Hey! Say! 7 corner, the members held 5 scarves.

Yamada waved two scarves: one his color, the second one Ryu’s color.

Again, the stylists have to assign the scarves, but the JUMP members probably asked to have a say, to express their feelings toward Ryu.

Lastly, this is just my opinion, but has everyone heard to the song “snow song”?

If you listen closely, Ryu has multiple solo lines in the song, especially the chorus.

On the Hey! Say! 7 Ultra Power Radio, the last song that they always use is “snow song”. Even though they only use the instrumental part of the song, I can’t stop to wonder, why did the radio station use a song that involves a solo line of a member that isn’t here right now? Maybe it is just the secret way of saying that…even though Ryu can’t participate in the radio, they will still play a song that he was involved in.

the only thing that doesn’t make sense is the “if Ultra Music Power also ranked in the top 10 for Oricon Charts, Ryutaro would be allowed to come back to JUMP”. I think she ment if Magic Power was in the top 10, since Ultra Music Power was released 5/6 years ago. Anyways, it did make it into the top ten, but Ryutaro’s not back. So that rumor’s been proven false.

I think it’s okay to continue to hope. Most of this could just be one gigantic coincidence. I mean, the timing of the music – 4 mins and 6 secs – could just be a freaky match. And the cover art is them in a forest because that’s where the smurfs live, and the books because, if I remember correctly, weren’t they looking for a magic book in the movie? And the lyrics are written for the smurfs, and thinking of it that way, it makes sense because it matches the movie. And the name Magic Power probably has nothing to do with his name at all, just another coincidence.

The only things that are probably not coincidences are the scarves, the radio show song, and possibly the cover art since it seems pretty legit. And POSSIBLY the weird timing of the song.

But I think if this all happens to be true, that’s seriously awesome. 🙂

I hope Ryutaro will come back to JUMP at some point, even if it’s after high school.

But no matter what he does, I hope he jumps to his dreams and makes JUMP, and us JUMPers proud.


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