Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | June 29, 2012

Covers released for C-ute’s PB and Suzuki Airi’s DVD

I’m going to put these two together since I feel like it’d be a waste to do them separately as there isn’t much into for either release.

C-ute’s upcoming Alo-Hello! 2 PB cover has been released:


The cover is quite simple and many have complained that its the same as the DVD cover only slightly different, although I think it’s fine the way it is despite that. The girls all look great and the cover is simple but nice.

The release date is July 24th.

Airi’s 6th solo DVD, Kono ga Suki, cover has been released.


This cover isn’t as nice as the one for her PB, Kono Kaze ga Suki. It’s sort of boring and it looks slightly awkward to me. Airi herself looks bored and her position is sort of awkward and weird to look at. I think they could have done better with this one. The only thing I like is the ocean background and the simple white font used.

The DVD is set to be released July 25th.


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