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Live Report from C-ute’s live YouTube Concert!

Fans asked me through email to do this as they couldn’t/wouldn’t stay up that long to watch it and wanted to know if it was really worth the wait. So, as I sit her 10 minutes before the concert, I’ll make this a continuous post of comments throughout the concert and post once it’s over.

They’ve been playing MVs since 5:00 (6:00pm in Japan) and so far have played Kiss Me Aishiteru, Momoiro Sparkling, Sekai Happy na Onna no ko (I know it’s not right) and Chou HAPPY SONG.

Unfortunately for me, my laptop does this thing when watching videos or listening to audio (streaming of any kind really) it sometimes freezes and makes this horrible sound for a few minutes before it starts up again. I had it do that during both Buono! and S/mileage concerts and because of it I miss a bunch of the performances, so I’m keeping the video pauses and refreshing once the concert is suppose to start and that way it might not do it. Might.

So, here we go.

So far they’ve put the picture back on and are waiting to start. Almost 10,000 people an counting are currently watching, which is a lot, and the comments are filled with people declaring where they’re from and what counties and places love C-ute. Lol

And the concert will begin in one minute… Aaaannnd computer freezes. Please shoot me.

And there’s people! And sound! MUSIC.

The first number is… Chou Wonderful!!

And my computer is freezing and making that horrible sound. Can someone kill me??

An the second song iss… What song is this?? Kocchoi Uta! Awesome song. <;3 Chisa's vocals are awesome. Loads of air guitar, huh ladies? Lol oh, dance battle!

Views are at 14,493. I wonder if we'll get past the 19,000 of last time?

Less than half way into the 3rd song after a short MC my lap top freezes. I think this should stop being a review/follow-up type thing and start being a "let's see how much Kenzie's computer fails her."

Anyways, Chisato is really impressing me with this concert. The instrumental break dance was great.

4th song is… Ai Aa Itsumo Itsumo. C-ute's set list is soooo much better so far than their last YT live.

Once again and amazing dance performance from the girls. C-ute really is H!P's dance group.

Next song is slower. Annndddd computer freezes. Although while I'm waiting I'll mention that the video's views have been going up and down with people leaving because of the quality and camera angles (But really, it's free, be nice. That and you wouldn't get much of a better view if you were actually there).

Nacki, Maimi, and Chisa are out and Mai's in with her solo! And a guitar! LOL WHOO YEAH WHOA YEAH COME ON! Lol seems the guitar's just for show. Oh well she still looks cute.
And I just died and her "Choppu!" actions. She sound really tired, but this is why she doesn't get the lines she's been complaining about getting.

OH, Airi's out with… Wait no. MAIMI is out with SHOCK!?!?! I'm pretty shocked by this. See what I did there? Anyways, Maimi’s doing an awesome job despite being so tired and you can hear that in her voice. Ooh, her voice is cracking all over the place. Her dancing is amazing as usual though. I see why Airi sings this song, she’s the only one who I find can really perform it.

MC time. Introducing themselves and talking about YouTube. ENGLISH. NACKY IS SPEAKING ENGLISH. lol Talking about each out. Lol at Airi’s I love you to Mai.

6th song, CHISATO’s SOLO. Love the silhouette dancers in the background. Chisa’s voice is amazing and never fails to amaze me. :3 The auto tuned mic was just awesome and gave me shivers. :3

Nacky’s up next! And computer freezes. At least it didn’t do it during Chisa’s performance. Ok it’s back. Nacky’s singing has surprised me recently, and her dancing is awesome. Between her and Mai who are weakest vocally in the group, Nacky is better. Just saying.

Next song is Airi, dining Bishouji Shinri. Love this song and Airi is pulling it off amazingly as always. Love her outfit the most out if everyone’s solo outfits.

Next song is Akogare My Star. This song is awesome live. And we’re seeing two of each girl thanks to the effects. Kinda confusing at times but this is so far the best performace.

Another MC. Some kind of corner… Picking things out of a box. Maimi first. Nacky’s reading annndddd…. Something about a party. Their ‘Okay’ are cute. AH it’s an acting thing. LOL. These girls are too funny. And computer freezes.

Once again while I’m waiting, the views go up and down, and currently we’re at 16k. Also Nacky’s feet must hurt from her heals.

Okay we’re back and their still talking. Lol arguing too. And computer freezes again. Who thinks I need a new laptop? ME. Too bad they’re so expensive.

Although I’m not missing anything important, this sucks having it stop every 20 minutes (okay not really but the last two were only three minutes apart) and having to refresh the page.

Okay so the next performance isss… Oh they’re still talking. God I need to kick my butt into gear and start my Japanese lessons up again. Official inspiration. :3 Awz Chisajima cuddles. :3 I think they’re confessing to each other? Like their likes or dislikes or their favourite times together and such? Not sure since I can only pick up stuff here and there. But Chisa is saying that Maimi is like a big sister. And they’re holding hands. And hugz! Cute C-ute moment. :3

HOW LONG IS THIS MC? The longest I’ve ever seen. Now for Airi and Mai singing a song… As One. They’re doing a split screen thing here.

Next is… Hatachi Mae no Onna no ko. This song is pretty cute. :3 That is Sekai Ichii HAPPY na Onna no ko. Awesome Nacky Center. :3

Now we’re playing Shiwase no Tochou. I think they should have played this song after an MC so the girls aren’t so tired and can sing properly. Chisa and Airi are doing fantastic, but Mai and Nacky are not. Maimi’s okay. Lol Kinda waiting for Berryz to burst in and sing Chou HAPPY SONG but it’s not gunna happen. Lol that’d be awesome though right?!

MC With Airi and Maimi. YajiSu. Ah, they’re talking about Chou HAPPY SONG… oh the song ranked 3rd on Oricon Charts.

Next song is a flag show. And it’s Midnight Temptation. And my computer freezes. And again while I’m waiting, at the side in the comments, CUCA comments are being made, and when I looked, 3u10 (her YouTube username) was commenting and then leaving her name afterwards. Just thought that was kinda cool. I wonder what she thinks of some people commenting ‘CUCA for 12th gen!”

Anyways we’re back. Tokkaiko Junjou is here, which it’s been a while since this song has been performed. Lol at the camera man on Airi during the dance solo.

Meguru Koi no Kisetsu is next. IT’S BEEN FOREVER SINCE THIS SONG HAS BEEN DONE LIVE. Massara Blue Jeans next?

Dance de Bakoon! Oh Maimi didn’t sing her line before the second chores. The double girls are back too. And streamers! Is it weird that I’m dancing like an idiot right now? Lol

Next song is Airi opening acapella for Seishun Song. Awesome long note from Airi. One of my favourite songs!

Last MC here. Their now going to sing Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku. They sound awesome despite having just jumped around and danced like crazy. These girls are literally DRENCHED in sweat. Mai slipped up the lyrics in the last chores. Lol too cute.

Encore? C-ute! C-ute! C-ute! Lol the chanting is fun no? And the encore song is… AND I PRESSED SOMETHING AND IT’S GONE. Okay I’m back. Okay good they’re still chanting. Okay so anyways. And the first encore song is Zuntaka March ~Hitorashiku Ikiyou~. Chisato is having a bit of a hard time with her lines in this one it seems. Some funny choreography in this one.

One last MC, thanking the crowd for attending and the YouTube viewers for watching. Nacky and Mai and now Chisato are talking about the live and such. Airi now. And Maimi speaking in English. The girls all gathered and talked to the camera man infront of them but it didn’t switch and stayed at the camera guy who’s farthest away. Anyways my laptop froze again. AH A BIRTHDAY CAKE FOR…. BERRYZ IS HERE. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGFKCUSIDK. I refresh and THIS IS WHAT WE GET. WHOO! Happy Birthday To you~! The crowd is singing LOL. Blow out the candles! Happy 10 Anniversary/Birthday Berikyuu. :3

After a bunch of talking, Berikyuu performs Chou HAPPY SONG. Aw, all the hugging.
Whoa, Rii’s mic went all weird. Lol at them scrambling around and bumping into each other, someone dropping their mic in the process.

Bye Berryz! Now C-ute’s just talking and kinda crying. Last song is Susume! Steady Go!

Lol at the dance to this song. And LOL at Maimi yelling out her last line at the end.

Overall this concert was amazing. The costumes, lighting, effects, stage, set list, all of it was amazing. I have to say this is one of the best concerts I’ve seen from H!P and out of the four YT concerts this one by far takes the number one spot in my book.

I’m buying this DVD once it’s released, and I hope reading my ‘live’ review will make you want to buy it and see it in higher quality as well for those who didn’t get the chance or jumped in at the end.

Good job to the girls, they did and amazing job. This was a great way to start the morning. Lol I’m going to go eat breakfast now since I’m starving. Hope those who requested this review enjoyed it as well as those who didn’t get to see the concert themselves. :3 Enjoy the rest of your day!

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