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Birthday picspam!

Since it’s my birthday today I have been quite busy with family, but as it’s now all over and I’m lying in bed going through the pictures on my iPod, I realized I need to get rid of a bunch of pics. SO, here’s another picspam post from me!

This one will be different from the usual posts. All the pics will be confessions that I’ll comment on as they’ve caught my eye and sparked a need to give my opinion and comment.


This is just stupid. Hate? Really? To be honest, there isn’t a member of Morning Musume – or any H!P group for that matter – that I don’t like. There are members who I like more than others – like Kanon and Riho – but I love all of them. When I first got into MM, I couldn’t stand Sayumi. Every member of MM past and present I liked, but I almost hated her. Her ‘I’m the cutest member’ act pissed me off and I hated it, I hated that she thought so highly of herself and thought she was the greatest thing in the world. When Jun/Lin and Kamei’s graduation was announced, I remember thinking that I wished Sayu would have been the one to go. But once the Kyuukies joined and I started to read Sayu’s blog and see more videos of her and how funny she is, that changed. Now she’s one of my favs. She’s not like that anymore, and she’s grown up a lot and has become a wonderful leader. If you’re gunna hate/dislike a member, fine. But that’s not what MM is for, and that’s not really the way it should be. Hate is not a good thing, and hate should not be welcomed.


That’s not true. All the girls receive vocal training. The only reason why you see it more in Riho is because she sings more and the others girls are practically invisible in songs. Also they probably work more with her BECAUSE she sings more. Or, it could be simply that Riho catches on the things a bit more quickly and the others have a harder time. Many things could be the reason, but it’s defiantly not because she’s being trained and they aren’t.


Cuca’s great guys, she is. But, even if I’m a bit of a fan myself, this whole Cuca thing is getting out of hand. That’s all people are talking about. It’s good that you’re a fan of her, and she is talented, but people are getting sick of hearing about her and I’ve read many people saying they hope she doesn’t get it and that they’ll leave the fandom of she does. You’re giving her haters which isn’t something she needs with the talent she has. And even people who ARE fans are starting to get sick of her. So tune it down a bit, okay? 12 gen hopefully won’t come for a while, there’s too many girls already with the upcoming 11th gen.


This one is interesting. Everyone complains about Reina and Riho singing a much as they do, but I’ve never heard it described like this before. Now, if the person means ‘worn out’ as in ‘over used’, than yeah. Completely. Reina use to be a backing girl – she was popular but got few lines, kinda like how Sayu is now. But than Miki and Yoshi left and she flew up the line distribution scale and owned half the songs until Ai-chan left and then now shares half with Riho. Literally, as awesome as their new single is, you barely hear any of the the other girls at all and in The Matenrou Show, Reina and Riho are the only ones who gets solos. It should be The Reina and Riho Show. Tsunku said the song was ‘Musume-like’, but Musume also includes 9 other girls.

But if they mean ‘worn out’ as in ‘damage’, like he’s used it so much that her voice is being ruined because of it, because she sings too much, than no. Reina has a nice voice, especially when she’s not whining like she did in the Genki Pika Pika and NINE SMILE concert tours. God that was awful. I’ll have to post videos of it later for those who don’t know what I’m talking about.


Me too. I think this new era will be amazing, and those who are leaving after the Rokkies leave aren’t needed anyways, because clearly they aren’t true fans. These girls will make a new, fresh MM that will be just as good as past line up eras and they’ll miss it! I think Fuku-chan can carry the group just fine, just like Ai-chan did. I look forward to the MM under Fuku-chan and Eripon’s leadership.

And I don’t think so. I think Tsunku will push Fuku, Haruka, Ayumi and (I pray to God) Kanon more and give the others a few good lines in b-sides and album songs and few small lines in singles. Riho will still be the ace, just not number one.


I don’t think Buono!’s Runaway Train was sung in a boy’s perspective. Berryz’ Seishun Bus Guide is and they even play as boys in the MV. There’s quite a few H!P songs which do it, I’m sure there’s album songs which do it of MM’s. Although just because they say ‘Kimi’ or ‘Boku/bokutachi’ doesn’t mean anything; the song IS written by a man. That and most songs are sometimes sung that way. Although to be honest I’ve heard males say ‘watashi’ is songs, so I have no idea how the Japanese language works for that stuff just yet. Anyone who does, feel free to enlighten me a bit on it. My lessons aren’t going as planned. Lol


I don’t know why, but I agree with this. Riho’s dancing catches my eye and seeing them dance side-by-side in the T.V show with the other group Fairies, I liked Riho better. Don’t know what it is about her, I just like her style better.


Agreed. Everyone thinks Mizupon is boring and lack personality, but I think she’s just really shy. Give her a few years to grow and come out of her shell and they’ll see that she’s a truck load of personality. She’s cute and shy, and that IS a personality type. But yes, I can’t wait to see all of the girls grow and mature in the future.


I can see this. I love the background girls like Yasuda and Iida, and most of the time, in each generation except a few the ones that are the back burners are usually by favourite. But like I said, I love all the girls of Momusu, past and present, so I like both popular and not-so-popular girls.


I agree 100%. She worries me. And bragging/be proud about something like that is usually a sign of a developing or active eating disorder. I hope she is okay too and doesn’t take it to far.



This topic is sort of a hard one for me. I haven’t really thought about where as a fan I’ll stand once those two, especially Kanon, leave. I’m worried that I’ll become like the fans I always complain about and hate on, and leave the S/mileage fandom. I think by then I’ll have fallen in love with the 2nd gen more so than I already am and that will keep me around, and I’m hoping for it, because I really don’t want to become one of those fans. I hate the thought of it.


This person is right. I was thinking about this the other day. Everyone complains about Aika butting into Gaki’s grad, but Gaki got a solo song and MV, solo cover/edition, the whole bit. Aika didn’t get that. I hope she gets a solo career of some kind, she deserves it.


I’ve noticed this as well. I think, as sad as it will be, her graduating within the next year is highly likely. Tsunku is probably starting this new band of Reina’s specifically because of that – to give her something to do once she leaves, something interesting and different from anything H!P has done before, instead of just a usual solo career. That and I think he wants to keep her in H!P for a little while longer after MM. They’ve probably discussed graduation too, so it won’t be too long now. Plus, once Reina’s out, he’ll push some other girls other than Riho (KANON!!) and let them shine the way they should.


Good, leave. Your not the type of fan Momusu needs to begin with. Bye.


Me too. 😦


I hadn’t realized this. I agree, except I’d like a few of those. Although that time will come once Sayu and Reina leave, it’ll hopefully be another Platinum 9 era repeat with no changes for a few years.

So that’s it! Hope you all enjoyed my rambling in parts. :3 Good night! :3 Or since it’s 10 minutes past midnight, should I say Good morning? Lol I guess it’s not my birthday anymore, but it was when I started this an hour ago so… 🙂 Hope you enjoyed it. :3



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