Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | July 15, 2012

Preview of Momo’s solo song video released

Sorry for the odd title…

A video of Momo dancing to her solo song for the group’s upcoming single has been released on YouTube.

The song is… Momochii-ish. It’s cute and sort of catchy, but extremely childish and slightly annoying. The dance is also childish and odd.

This song feels like it would suit S/mileage better, stick them in cat costumes and all, since that’s the group’s style up until recently (since their upcoming single is said to be really cool).

There really isn’t much to say… I won’t be buying the song on iTunes though. And to be honest, I don’t like Shining Power, but I bought it to support the girls anyways. But I just can’t with this song. 😛 Sorry Momo, but I don’t like the character you’re playing.

Anyways, take a look and listen for yourself and tell me what you think about the song, the dance, or even Momo’s “Momochii” character! Or even say hi! That’s cool too. 🙂


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