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Picspam post!

Hey guys! My iPod’s once again overflowing and I need to get rid of my pics, so here is another picspam post!

It’ll be another of my posts where I comment on other’s confessions about the girls of H!P (mostly MM and S/mileage).

As usual, we’ll begin with some Riho hate…


I suppose that’s true. Personally I don’t mind that line, but comparing Riho to Risako is a bad comparison to begin with. They are roughly the same age in those songs, and Riho’s voice is far better than Risako’s at that age.


Everyone’s been saying this, but I haven’t seen it myself. Where are people getting this from? Making of music videos or in T.V. shows? I have yet to see a photo of a non-smiling Zuuki.

Although it’s hard to tell who will go first. Maybe she will, but she’s only been in the group for a year and a half, I don’t think she’s leaving anytime soon. I don’t even want to think about it. Not everyone is happy all the time, and Zuuki is no different.


Um, yeah… Ai-chan and Haruka are nothing alike, and the three reasons given are great ones. Haruka’s voice might be one of the deeper ones like Ai-chan, but Ai-chan’s voice was decent from the beginning. Although, I’m sure Haruka will become a beautiful women some day like Ai-chan. She’s still a kid after all, so the the being pretty comment was a bit harsh.


Reina’s dancing has looked half assed for a while now. And not just in dance shots, in concerts. Reina barely dances and moves, so that’s part of the reason why she doesn’t sweat as much as the others during concerts – compared to how much Ai-chan or Gaki would sweat, you can see who works really hard and who doesn’t. Not to say Reina doesn’t try, she’s just not putting in as much effort into it as the others. Although now it’s more like she’s bored, being in MM isn’t what she wants anymore. Although I’ve already talked about this, so I’ll move on.


Well, I can’t relate to those fans because although she wasn’t a favourite from the beginning, I started to really like her a few months or less after she joined, not too long after Maji Desu ka Ska! came out and I watched videos of her (her butterfly impression killed me). But I hope people don’t talk about her figure so much she feels like it’s a bad thing and she starts dieting or something stupid like that.


This is very true. I think the part about Ai-chan being boring is not true though.
Reina’s not boring either, and she’s talented, but the spotlight is too much. Kinda like that saying – Too much of a good thing is a bad thing – too much of Reina’s talent is too much. But she can’t get a break from Western fans, and that sucks.


Why not? She’s dating that comedian right? She’s happy. Why does that make you not able to look at her the same way? Is it because you wanted her for yourself (if you’re a boy) or because you can’t get a boyfriend (if you’re a girl)? She deserves happiness. Although apparently she’s been dating/seeing this guy since May 2011, before she graduated. So that’s sort of a shock, but other than that… I’m happy for her.


This is true. That’s all I gotta say. However, it does suck and I probably, like everyone else, will continue to complain every now and then.


I don’t think the girls being able to dance and sing at the same time is the point – any girl can do it with practice. I think it’s more about letting those who haven’t hit that certain point Tsunku is waiting for in their talent to sit back until that time comes. However, I think it may also be simply because the aces in the group are making him money and making the group popular. It could also be because these backing girls shine on T.V. and such, and he wants them to build themselves there. But really, who knows? It IS Tsunku we’re talking about here.

But I do agree that Tsunku makes decisions for a reason and even though I may hate them at the beginning, they always end up being great in the end.


I have to agree about some of Riho’s lines – her voice wasn’t as deep as it is now but it wasn’t as squeaky as it was when she joined, but her high notes hurt my ears. However her performance of the song with Reina and Gaki at Ai-chan’s graduation concert blew me away, and Riho haters should see it. It’s a beautiful performace, and I’m happy Riho’s the one singing it since I don’t think anyone could have done it.

So that’s it for more picspam. I’ll do another one next week since this has become a weekly thing, although I may do another one later this week instead since I won’t be online for a bit once my family and I move.

Have a great day everyone. 🙂



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