Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | July 25, 2012

Tracklist for Buono!’s mini album released!

The tracklist for the upcoming mini album Sherbet has been released.

Here it is:

2. GO!GO! Gouda
3. Hatsukoi CIDER (Album version)
4. Mirai DRIVE
6. Natsu no Hoshizora
7. Never gonna stop!

Seeing the track list made me more excited for this release!

All the song titles sound awesome (and knowing Buono! I’m sure they will be). GO!GO! Gouda is Dutch (I believe it’s a type of cheese, no?) so I’m interested in how the song with sound and what it’ll be about. Hatsukoi Cider is another interesting one, as it has the (album version) next to it and makes me wonder what they did to change it from the original (although I probably won’t get that one on iTunes since I already have the original if nothing’s really been done to it). I’m also looking forward to Never gonna stop! as well!

Overall, the mini album seems to have a different feel to it compared to their last mini album Partenza, so I’m excited to hear it!

The album releases August 22nd!

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