Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | July 28, 2012

A Masaki Post

Masaki is one of those members that everyone seem to have a problem with.

I have never hated a member (except for Sayu when I first got into H!P, but I no longer do and haven’t hated or disliked a member since) and I probably never will. Masaki is no different.

I’ll admit – I was weird with her at first. But I was that way with the 9th gen members and I’m that way with the 10th gen – they haven’t sunk in yet and I don’t know what to think about them or how I feel about them just yet.

Masaki is awkward, but cute. So was Erina, and just like Erina, she has grown on me since she joined and so has the other members.

But for other fans, they dislike/hate her. Sometimes I can see why, but other times I think they’re being ridiculous – their reasons to hate her are stupid.

Here are some examples of reasons why people dislike her or things she has done, and I’ll give comments for them:


Masaki has said that her Mom introduced her to Momusu and she listened to their music when she was younger – but she did, indeed, not know very much about the group itself. That’s different from not knowing absolutely anything about the group or their music.

She tries, and it shows. She’s in MM because Tsunku saw something in her he really liked. She needs polishing and practice, but I think some day she’ll be a great member of the group. In a year, I think, like Erina, her awkwardness will wear off and she’ll mature as time goes on. I think people need to give her a chance. I didn’t think I’d ever like Sayu, but look at me now… She’s now a member I love and I will cry at her graduation when the time comes.


Masaki has made many mistakes that have made fans dislike and bash her, but this is a big one. I have a big opinion about this one.

First of all – like I said, Masaki is awkward. She probably feels that she doesn’t fit in, and I think she really tries to. This was one of those ways. She sees the other members making fun of each other, like how they do impersonations of Kudo’s introduction and tease her quite often, and so she thought she’d do the same. I haven’t seen the video (if I can find it I’ll add it to this post) but from what fans have said, she did an impersonation of Sayu by singing purposely off-key and in a horrible way. I felt bad for Sayu, as that must have been hurtful and embarrassing, as she does have self confidence issues especially when it comes to her singing, even if she herself has said she can’t sing.

Fans of Masaki have argued that she’s just a kid, was trying to fit in, and doesn’t understand how rude/hurtful she was being. But Masaki is, what? 13 or so? At 13, I knew the difference between right and wrong. Kudo is younger and knows that would be something you shouldn’t do – make fun of your senpai in such a hurtful way.

But at the same time, maybe it’s not that she doesn’t understand, maybe it’s more that she didn’t think about it. She just wanted the others to laugh and find her funny, and she didn’t think before doing it that Sayu may be hurt by it, or that what she was doing was wrong. She didn’t think about anything but fitting in and getting a few playful laughs.

Even though Sayu was probably hurt and upset, I’m sure she didn’t show it and probably has let it go, and probably has forgiven her. Sayu is too kind of a person to not, and like she said, she thinks Masaki is too cute to be mad at.

I hope Masaki apologized if she realized the wrong she did, but like I said, she didn’t mean any harm. Like I said in the last topic, Masaki will mature and grow up and she’ll make less of these mistakes, and she’ll think before speaking. And maybe by that time she’ll be confident enough to feel as though she doesn’t need to try hard to fit in.

I adore Masaki, even if she makes mistakes and does stupid things. Give her a break, she’s a kid! And if Sayu can forgive her, so can you, since you weren’t the one at the center of the insult.

As usual, no offense intended – this is my opinion, and mine alone. Feel free to comment on your feelings on the issue and give your opinion! (Don’t be rude though, please!)


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