Posted by: hinaichigo1713 | July 29, 2012

Site Updates (Week 13)

Hey everyone! So, I have internet (I’m saying at my Nanny’s (grandma’s) house while my parents move and whatnot) although I’m sure you’ve already noticed with the updates I’ve been doing. Anyways, I’ve done some updates, so as usual I’ll break it down:

Discography Section

I updated cha cha SING and added it to Berryz Kobo’s Discography page, and as time goes on I’ll continue to update it with more information as needed. I also updated MM’s One Two Three / The Matenrou Show with the Event V cover and tracklist, as well as the total reported sales.

I also updated the pictures, since although I swore I already did, it seems I didn’t or something. But anyways, they’re updated.

Profile Section

I updated the pictures for each group, since they were all over the place and all. I used the same pics from the Discography Section, which I don’t like doing, I like the pictures being different. I think once the group’s realese their albums, I’ll use the album profile picsfor the Profiles page and the singles profile pics for the Disco page. Maybe. I also updated the picture on Morning Musume’s profile page since some the other one was old (it had Gaki and Aika in it).


I’ve started to try out a few new banners (since I don’t have photoshop, it’ll have to be a pic I find from the internet 😦 ) so I should be able to choose one by the end of the day today. Also, once again there are only 12 votes total on the polls to your right, and since between 30 and 60 people visit my blog daily, I’m surprised by the results. PLEASE vote if you haven’t, it only takes a second! 🙂

Something that also only takes a second to do is sign for Buono! to come to Canada for a concert/handshake event/event! Just go to the picture of Buono! to the right, click it, go it “signatures” and sign! You don’t have to pay, you don’t have to give any info aside from a nickname/name and a message for the group if you choose to do so! I need 100 sigs to make this happen, so please pitch in if you want to see this amazing group do another overseas concert in a place NO OTHER GROUP has been before! 😀 Thanks to those who have already signed it, I love you! 😀

Goals: I plan to just get whatever needs to get done done, really. I really need to kick my bum into gear with the list of reviews that are needed to be done, so I’ll focus on that this week (although I probably won’t have internet, I’ll still type them up so they’re ready to go).

So that’s it! Have a great day, everyone! 🙂

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